A Clockwork Orange

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Clockwork Orange Droog Movie Costume

Mind Games Stanley Kubrick has a way of messing with your head. That's what his movies do.

They're not the kind of matinee affair that you watch while snacking on a big bowl of popcorn. They're the kind of films that bore into your brain and compel your mind to think about some esoteric stuff.

It's safe to say that his films aren't for everyone and neither is this Droog Clockwork Orange Costume. Those who get it, get it.

They'll take one glance at this authentic costume and images of the movie will wind through their mind. Those who don't get it?

Well, you can just tell them that it's from a movie and move on. Either way, the impressive detail put into this costume is sure to leave a mark!

Product Details Based on the iconic 1971 film, this Droog Clockwork Orange Costume comes with everything you needs (sans depraved behavioral issues) to become Alex DeLarge. The white, corduroy shirt fits with metal snaps along the front and features functional front pockets that also fasten with metal snaps.

The twill pants have an adjustable waistband and the included suspenders are adjustable, making them one-size fits most. The codpiece fits with a fastener in back.

Finally, the included bowler hat is made of felt and fully tops off the look, making you look like one of the miscreant Droogs from the movie. Don't Do as a Droog Does If you're a devoted Stanley Kubrick fan or if you just find yourself fascinated with the themes from A Clockwork Orange, then this authentic Droog Costume might just be for you.

You may have to engage in debates on morality and behaviorism when donning this outfit, so be prepared! And, don't do any of the things that Alex DeLarge would do.

Your night will NOT end will if you decide to follow in his footsteps.