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Marvel Avengers Infinity War Thanos Latex Mask for Men

Inside Thanos Head Oh, Thanos. Whats going on in the mind of yours?

Are you thinking about how you will crush Captain America to a pulp with your bare hand? Are you contemplating all the wondrous things you will do when the Infinity Gauntlet is resting on your hand?

Are you pondering a plan for how you plan on crushing at least half the population in the universe? Are you considering why the common Earth eggplant is the same color as your skin?

Who can really say? Hes Thanos, after all, and that guy is one baaaaad dude!

Perhaps you can get into the head of Marvels most villainous bad guy when you wear this officially licensed mask from Avengers: Infinity War! Product Details This Marvel Infinity War Thanos mask is molded to make you look like the one and only mad titan.

The mask is molded to have all of his features, including his broad jaw, the vertical scars along his chin and his furrowed brow. The exterior is a dim purple color, which recreates the look from the movie.

Just slip this on and you might find yourself cooking up plans to defeat the Avengers. Infinity Stones The search for the Infinity Stones will begin as soon as you wear this mask!

Just be prepared to do battle against the Earths mightiest heroes when you wear it, since theyll be looking for a fight.