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Bat Studded Quilted Faux Patent Coffin Back Pack

This is a Black Bat Studded Quilted FauxPatent Coffin Backpack.

Care Bears Cheer Bear Backpack

AVOID MAGIC MIRRORS Cheer Bear is basically an eternal source of optimism and hope among the Care Bears in the clouds. It sortais her name, after all, but she manages to keep her get-up-and-go attitude even when trying to make Grumpy smile.

At least, so long as Professor Coldheart isn't firing off any of his weird magic mirrorblasts and corrupting the Bear's normal personalities. Seeing Cheer Bear become a sullen and smile-killing gal is practically torture.

Fortunately, all is resolved, and Cheer Bear has your back! DESIGN & DETAILS Of course, when our in-house designers partner up with the Care Bears, Cheer Bear is here to help you more directly!

With this officially licensed Cheer Bear Backpack, you can have her sparkling personality with you everywhere you go while she helps you tote all your burdens in this 8x20" backpack with an additional inner zip pouch. The plush bear look is the real winner, though, because how else can you carry smiles in your pocket!

? A BIT OF RAINBOW MAGIC Nobody knows how to bring the rainbow out quite like Cheer Bear.

They might be a common sight up in the clouds, but on Earth, we're kind of limited to the after-storm variety. That is unless you've got this exclusive Cheer Bear Backpack.

Then, you can bring the rainbows with you everywhere you go.


Care Bears Grumpy Bear Backpack

COULD'A BEEN TOUGH LOVE BEAR Among all the cheerful and bright-colored bears in Care-a-Lot, Grumpy Bear sure stands out as one who seems to have shown up quite by accident. Surly and rare-to-smile, Grumpy seems to be a wrench in the whole plan to spread happiness and care to the world!

But, he's a bear that is ready to do the tough job that no one else can. Grumpy Bear handles the cases where the kids need a little tough love!

Imagine having a kid that decided you were mean just because you grounded them. Well, Grumpy is there to tell it like it is!

Sometimes, getting groundeddoes mean love! PRODUCT DETAILS We didn't have to give our in-house designers a timeout to get them to be inspired to create this adorable (and officially licensed) Grumpy Bear Backpack.

This tote is huge, so it can carry all the things it needs. Of course, the real winner is knowing that this grump of a Care Bear has your back, no matterwhat you're facing.

ONE IN A MILLION There are many different Care Bears to choose from for your patron buddy from the cloud city, but many of them blend together. Until someone called Reality Slap Bear shows up, though, you can feel secure that Grumpy Bear is truly unique.


Cobra Kai Embroidered Patch Laptop Backpack

Kicking It Sometimes, it is just best to kick back instead of kicking butt. If you can take a break from all the training and intensity, it is great to just take a day or two and relax.

It will be great for your mental health, and if your sensei wonders where you have been, you can always tell him you were practicing kicking back! Product Details Winning all the time is not easy, but carrying around your Karate gear is with this Cobra Kai Embroidered Patches Laptop Backpack!

This backpack is very stable, with a solid construction and a sturdy zipper. The adjustable straps will hold up well to anything but a kick to the head.

Just remember that Cobra Kais never fail!

Creature From The Black Lagoon Heart-Shaped Backpack

This is aCreature From The Black Lagoon Heart Backpack.

Elvira Mini Cakeworthy Backpack

This is an Elvira Cakeworthy Mini Backpack.