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1989 Batarang 6 Scaled Prop Replica from Batman

Coolest Weapon Around Superman might have laser vision and the ability to fly, but Batman has always had the most awesome gadgets. The Batmobile makes any car lover drool with envy, and his bat cave is stuffed to the brim with the most high-tech guns and weapons around.

But his best weapon by far isn't some kind of semi-automatic. It's his Batarang!

After all, most people can wield a standard gun or knife, but not many people can actually use a boomerang, let alone one shaped like a bat. Extra coolness points awarded!

Product Details Grab this Batman 1989 6" Scaled Batarang Prop Replica and go have some nostalic adventures! The black bat-shaped boomerang has sharp bladed edges (handle with care!

) The awesome display stand has a sturdy black base printed with Batman's logo and two clear mounts where the Batarang can proudly rest. Holy Fish Sticks, Batman!

This Batarang is the real deal! Unless Gotham is under attack, we strongly suggest leaving it on the stand for everyone to see and be jealous of you.

After all, once they know that you've got a Batarang, bad guys will give you a wide berth!


1989 Batman Batarang Prop Replica

The Most Versatile Tool Batman doesn't have superpowers. That means if he wants to take on the entire roster of villains running loose in Gotham City, he's going to need some gadgets.

And first on his list of crime-fighting tools has to be his trusty Batarang. One part ninja star and one part boomerang, it's the most versatile tool in his arsenal.

This batman 1989 Batarang Replica Prop will definitely be the most versatile accessory to add to your Batman costume! It's inspired by the one used by Batman in the 1989 Tim Burton film.

Product Details This officially licensed accessory is a must-have for anyone donning the Batsuit. The accessory is black and folds up into a small, compact form.

It also comes with a small display stand, so when you're all done cosplaying as Batman, you can display this handy little tool with the rest of your Batman collection.

Adult Affordable Batman Mask

Alright, so youre not a trust fund kid who lives in a mansion and can afford a butler or tons of amazing, possibly M16-grade weapons and transportation. That doesnt mean that you dont have what it takes to be Batman!

After allits not the money that makes the man, its the man who makes the money (though, just so were clear, youre not gonna make any money at this job, okay? Its basically charity worksuper cool charity work, but still.


don't give up that job at Starbucks just yet)! But no matter what your means, you cant just go out in Gotham City fighting crime without protecting your secret identity.

So before you take that bus into the city to fight the bad guys, pop this officially licensed Adult Affordable Batman Mask onto that mug of yours! Its made of molded plastic, shaped like the classic Batman mask - champagne Batman on a High Life budget!

- and has an elastic strap to hold it in place. Trust us, this is one crime-fighting expense youre gonna wanna shell out forand when that Joker is all up in your grill, you'll be glad you did!

$9.99 $14.99

Adult Batman Comfy Throw

Just some lounging in the bat cave Lounging in the Bat Cave probably never really sounded that appealing. It's dark, drab, and.


well, full of bats! But.

That was before you knew you could pack a blanket along. A cozy blanket can really turn everything around.

Sure, there will still be a ton of bats, but at least you'll be wrapped up nice and snug. Especially if your blanket has sleeves, and is styled with superhero style!

You probably didn't know that blankets came that way, but we're here to make sure you do. With this Adult Batman Comfy Throw!

It has sleeves, and a full character print of Batman's uniform. We think it's time to head to the cave to do some hanging out!

Product Details DC Comics officially licensed, this blanket is a Comfy Throw, aka the blankets that come with sleeves! Super popular with people who like to snuggle up, this blanket also features costume details of a classic comic book Batman.

Which makes it a great selection for fans. 100% polyester, it's made with super soft polyester fleece, and comes in one size to fit most adults.

Make it comfy and cozy! Wearing a blanket is sure to make a spooky cave comfy and cozy, and if you think that's a trick, you should see what happens when you use thisBatman Adult Comfy Throw right in your own home.

It'll be great! Be sure to shop our entire selection of costume inspired apparel and accessories to make your movie night the best around.


Adult Batman Gauntlets

Batman is one of those iconic superheroes that kids idolize and adults secretly wish they could be. From his secret identity to his crime-fighting ways, Batman is the superhero everyone looks to for saving.

Good thing he's pretty good at it. Straight out of the Dark Knight movies comes these officially licensed gloves.

Add them to your Batman costume to complete the movie look. They are great as a cosplay look or just for fun messing around with your friends.

No Batman costume is complete without a pair of gloves to cover your tracks. You wouldn't want anyone finding out your true identity, would you?

Then be sure to use these gloves to cover up your prints! These officially licensed Batman gloves are perfect for Halloween.

These gloves are black with grey printed details to match Batman's signature look. The black fabric spikes are sewn to the sides for a look that matches his costume.

They are made of 100% synthetic materials and are an affordable way to complete your look.

Adult Batman Latex Mask

Batman Begins Every hero has a first mission, and the more epic the mission, the more epic his legacy. In terms of beginnings, Bruce Wayne has basically the whole package: A crazy villain setting off car bombs, a few scattered conspiracies, some double-crossings, a sultry thief who may or may not want to help save the day, and a flood.

To deal with all of this and come out on top, Batman is going to need two things: trustworthy allies, and an epic super suit! Product Details Be the hero Gotham needs in this officially licensed Batman Latex Mask for Adults!

The molded mask fits over your head with openings for your eyes and lower face. The top is detailed with latex bat ears, and the attached collar area looks like the top of Batman's suit.

A fastener strip on the back is size-adjustable. To the Batcave!

Batman's suit is dark and brooding-looking, to befit its dark and brooding wearer. But you can't make us believe that he doesn't get really excited every time he puts on his unbelievably cool outfit.