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Disney Aladdin Genie Infant Carrier Cover

You Ain't Never Had a Costume Like Me Dressing up for Halloween and other parties is so much fun, but getting a wiggling child to hold still long enough to dress them can be a challenge. What if you had a soft and cute carrier cover that doubled as a hilarious costume?

Sounds like a wish granted by a being with phenomenal cosmic power, right? It just so happens that a wandering genie happened to overhear your need and he's ready to make some magic!

Product Details This officially licensed, exclusive Disney Genie Carrier Cover is the perfect choice for your baby's Halloween disguise. The stuffed velour cover fits most standard baby carriers and is shaped like the Genie's body wafting out of a stuffed golden lantern.

A red waistband and stuffed arms criss-crossed over the "chest" add to its realism. The final touch is the matching headpiece with its ponytail, stuffed earring, and fabric goatee!

Straight Outta the Cave of Wonders A baby carrier could be considered an itty-bitty living space, but at least it's much more comfortable than a bronze lamp. Use it to match your own Jasmine, Aladdin, or Jafar outfit for an adorable family costume theme!


Harry Potter Wax Warmer

The Secret Is Mandrake Root Wow, color us impressed! Your Hermione Granger levels of studying are clearly paying off.

Instead of noxious sludge, you've concocted a delicious-scented brew in Potions class! It's almost enough to impress Professor Snape.

Almost. Product Details Make your home or office smell amazing while paying tribute to your love of Hogwarts with this officially licensed Harry Potter Cauldron Wax Warming Diffuser!

The black diffuser is shaped like a cauldron with three legs and has the Hogwarts crest printed on the cover. It has an inner cavity for an unscented tea light candle and an outer depression for scented wax.