Biblical Costumes

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Adult Brown Monk Robe Costume

Pie lesu domine clunk! Dona eis requiem clunk!

Are you ready to take your vows and join the monkhood? Living in a monastery is a noble pursuit, and we think it's something to be commended.

But have you stopped for a second to think about how you're going to look in brown? And are you fully fluent in knowledge of how to dodge the most vicious of vorpal bunnies?

We don't want to dissuade you from your holy calling, just make sure you have thought out your accessories and are ready to deal with Kings given name by sword distributing lake-dwelling ladies. If you are ready to take your vows and pace in careful measure with the rest of your brethren, we have the robes that will do your monastic life justice: the Adult Brown Monk robe!

Monks lead a simple yet very spiritual and meaningful life. As you can see here, this costume is as simple as simple comes and as a result, it's really comfortable.

Lightweight polyester poplin will keep you comfortable while you're attending to all your friarly duties, a basic hood flips up for when you need some solitude, and a simple rope belt ties around the waist to complete the look. Just use your own sandals to complete the ensemble, and you'll be ready to commit to the brotherly lifestyle!

Just be certain that you have your chant down, lest you might face the danger of the Beast: pie lesu domine clunk! Dona eis requiem clunk!