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17-Inch Big Hand Stake Decoration

Buried Deep Did you ever wonder where the giants went? You keep hearing stories of titans that were stomping around the place.

But there really aren't any signs that they were ever real! Well, the legends say that they were all imprisoned by ancient deities, buried deep under the earth where even their mighty strength could not help them escape.

Of course, with enough persistence, even the undead titans will eventually crawl their way to the surface. Who knows what dangers we will face at that time!

? We suspect there will be a warning or two, though.

Heck, those guys are huge, so it isn't like it wouldn't be noticed! Product Details Whether the giants are truly returning or you just want to spook the neighborhood, give folks a titanic fright when you place this 17 Inch Big Hand decoration in your yard.

This huge molded decoration is affixed to a ground stake so you can plant it wherever you like. Make it look like the biggest skeleton out there is worming its way to the surface!

Combine it with a large skull or rib bones and you can even create a scene with a long-forgotten giant right in your yard!


6 Clear Body Parts Label Set

A Very Special Vintage The sommelier has a treat for you tonight! He's uncovered a few rare bottles and is passing around a sampler to try.

They're all very unique and come from a known serial killer's cellar. He was known for cutting up his victims and - oh wait.

Product Details Serve up a surprising drink when you use these Six Clear Body Parts Labels! The set includes six stickers that are printed with images including skulls, eyeballs, a brain and a decapitated hand.

Press them onto your choice of bottle!


Bloody Hand on Hook Halloween Prop

Scream Up Your Scene What's your favorite horror movie scenery type? Let us explain.

Do you prefer a creeky old barn with rusty machinery hanging from the rafters? Or are you more of an urban warehouse-type?

You know it would have cracked concrete, dripping water, broken glass, that sort of charm. One thing that horror movies always have in common?

Horrible messes around one corner or another! The more creative the mess, the more memorable.

Are you looking to recreate that deadly debris in your own home? This shocking severed hand is sure to get a reaction from your guests this Halloween season!

Product Details This bloody hand is just the thing to add shock-factor into your Halloween decor. The prop measures just under two-feet once you hang the plastic chain.

Lightweight and easily installed, horror fans will want to break out this decoration as a Halloween staple every year! Shock Factor You can find all sorts of fun places to hang this hand.

From your entry way to your shower. Consider pairing this hand with a number of our bloody decorations such as a bloody shower curtain or wall backdrop.

We even have more body parts if you want to take your horror decor to the limit. No matter how you dress this hand up, people are sure to recognize you as a horror authority from this point on!


Body In A Bag Outdoor Decoration

Gardening Secrets When you get out your shovel and start digging in the backyard, people might start to ask questions. Unless that is, you take up gardening long before you have something to hide.

That plastic sheeting you're bringing home from the hardware store? Not suspicious.

Nope, you're just doing a little weed suppression in the backyard. Wearing gloves when you're out and about in the yard?

Well, you've got to protect your hands from thorns, don't you? Now, you'll have to get a little more creative when it comes to explaining those weird noises coming from the back shed but at least you've got your basic garden secrets covered.

Product Details This body bag is the perfect item to back friends and neighbors take notice of your Halloween decor. Go ahead and display your macabre interests, you might start up an interesting conversation or two!

The simple outline of the human body wrapped in duct tape and plastic sheeting is easy to set up and store away for next year's display. Just don't be surprised when folks start to ask questions when you go digging in your garden.

They might start to wonder just what you're feeding your roses!

Decapitated Old Man Head Decoration

Horseless Headsman The creaking rocking chair came to a slow stop as soon as the passerby mentioned the old man's stomping grounds.Sleepy Hollow, he muttered.

It's been years since I thought of that place. Back when I had the body of a warrior!

A ragged breath blew from the aged man, sputtering with moisture and the scent of something not quite right.I know you wouldn't think it of methe way I look nowbut once I rode a mighty stallion and terrified the locals with my legend.

Oh! The scares I would give them.

Let me tell you about the time that I took off my own head just to still their hearts! The rocking chair creaked back to life, leaving you to wonder how the bloodied head sitting on the chair managed to rock it at all.

Product Details The mysteries of this Decapitated Old Man Head decoration will have your guests flummoxed for all their years. How did you get this creepy-looking, wrinkled and withered old head?

What do those detailed painted eyes stare at and what is its open mouth trying to say? Fortunately, the bloody look of its torn skin is perfectly dry even if it looks like it could spring to life at any moment.

The best part is if a Headless Horseman ever shows up, you know you can offer the perfect gift to complete his epic story.


Hand Gelatin Mold

Need an extra hand when you're getting ready for your big Halloween party? How about two?

How 'bout thirty??

You don't want to let things get out of hand when you are in the middle of planning. You got the feeling during your last party that everyone thought your boring old jello cubes were a little out of touch, but you couldn't really put your finger on why.

It would be nice if you could fix that problem with just a flick of your wrist, but you'll have to dig a little deeper to really get a grip on the matter. We've got just the thing to slap some new life into your party dcor!

With this Hand Gelatin Mold, your costumed party-goers can feast on some spooky jello hands to get into the Halloween spirit. Just mix up your favorite flavor, chill, and serve!

Now your guests will be thinking more about if they prefer fingers or palms more, and less about all the inevitable hand-puns!