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20.5 Silver Skull & Bat Resin Candle Holder

What Do You Do In the Shadows? Do you get into Halloween?

Do you turn your home into a black-and-orange spectacle full of purple lights and glowing eyes? Are ghosts and goblins your jam?

Do you pick up pumpkins as soon as they're ripe and sharpen your carving supplies in the off-season? Maybe you just love black velvet and tulle.

Then this 20.5" Silver Resin Skull & Bat Candle Holder is the perfect addition to your home!

Great design means drawing the eye to different heights, and this candlestick is a perfect centerpiece or border accent. The skull and bat detail is full of depth and detail that will pop under the glow of your favorite scented or nonscented source of light.


25 Silver & Gold Spider Web Candelabra Halloween Prop

Silver for Safety When you and your friends decided a Halloween sance was an excellent way to spend the holiday, you agreed to host it. You'll take any excuse to add more candles to your collection.

But then you got to thinking about what could happen during the event. Messing with Ouija boards is always a dangerous business.

And while the intent wouldn't stray from chatting with a friendly spirit, it's hard to know if something darker wouldn't pick up the call instead. Not wanting to look too nervous about the spooky gathering, though, you decided a subtle decoration that might make the demons a little bit wary would be a good choice.

That's how you found this 25-Inch Silver Spider Web Candelabra! Product Details Keep the vibes right and protect your sance circle with a demon's least favorite metal when you add this two-piece set of ornate candle holders to your dcor!

Filigree-like curls form the legs and crown of this candelabra and give it an elegant look. Meanwhile, thinner pieces of silver stretch between each candle space to create glittering spider webs.

A large silver spider rests on each web and ensures this Halloween decoration fits with any spooky season display.

Black Cat Tea Light Holder Prop

Purrfect Mood Lighting Cats are contrary creatures - and we're not just talking about the fact that they can demand pets and love one moment, but transform into spitting demons as soon as you try to scritch them behind the ears. It's a well-known fact that the feline species is capable of great creepiness as they stare at you from a moonlit fence.

They are also cuddly lapwarmers in the light of a roaring fire. Celebrate their many facets with this Black Cat Tea Light Holder!

It can be spooky or sweet depending on your preferred ambiance.


Black LED Skull Candle Halloween Decoration

The Darkest Light You could tell people that you only got this candle to give your Halloween party a little extra ambiance, but where's the fun in that? Better tell them that you're trying to summon the dead to help you take over the world.

Product Details Cast a spooky glow with this Black LED Skull Candle! The plastic candlestick has a black stem and is decorated at the top to look like it's oozing blood.

It sits on a molded black skull. A plastic flame gives off a creepy, wavering light when it's turned on!


Michael Myers Decorative Halloween Candle Holder

Yes to Yikes Are you torn between creating a cute autumn ambience with softly glowing candles and creating a horrifying scene for Halloween? What if you didn't need to choose?

You can have the soft glow followed by the haunted screams - everyone wins! (Except your unprepared guests.

) Product Details This officially licensed Michael Myers Decorative Candle Holder will make you laugh and feel a chill all at once! The holder is designed to look like Myers' mask-wearing head.

A candle sits inside the opening. When it melts, the red wax will run out of its eye sockets!


Poe's Gothic Raven Candle Stick Holder

Nevermore! Let's suppose it's your typical Wednesday evening.

You're sitting at home, trying to stare moodily into the fire while thinking about your lost crush, when you are interrupted by a rapping at your chamber door. You get up in a huff to tell whoever it is to go away, but when you open the door, you only see "darkness there, and nothing more.

" What you need is this Edgar Allan Poe's Raven Candle Stick Holder! It will help you to see that your visitor is a giant bird - which won't keep it from pestering you with its depressing message, but at least it will shed some light on the situation.