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11.2 Metal Candy Bowl on Witch Boots with Spider Decoration

No Doubt A-boot It Listen up. We know there are a LOT of ways to interpret Halloween decorating.

Some people enjoy a haunted house and create truly immersive experiences with lighting, projections, sound effects, and sensory details galore. Other Halloween celebrants opt for classic decor, and place skeletons at their door, tombstones on their lawns, and black bats in their rafters.

Still, others opt for big and bold themes like retro movies, witches and wizards, or all animal costumes. But this is the really important point: no matter what your Halloween style, there MUST be candy.

Candy is non-negotiable at a Halloween party. Your pals will forgive your decorating choices, but they will not forgive the absence of mini-sized chocolate bars and tiny pouches of sour treats.

So nab this Witch Boots Metal Candy Bowl and be prepared with the onlyessential Halloween item you need an on-theme display for your fun-sized sweets! Design & Details This bowl is a brilliant mix of Halloween hits witches, spiders, and the classic combo of orange and black!

It measures 11 inches in diameter and sits atop a pair of pointy witch shoes, with gold-striped stockings on the legs. The inside of the bowl is orange with a spider web design, and a sparkly little spider pops out on a metal wire!

. It's wicked cool!


4.5-Inch Skull Treat Bowl Decoration

Cursed Candy Bowl People have specialized kitchenware for lots of different things. You might have a particular canister to hold certain ingredients or specific serving dishes like gravy boats, butter dishes, or salad bowls.

While some of them make your meal easier to enjoy, others seem to be rather unnecessary. Do we really need five different forks for one fancy meal?

However, our favorite dishware might be the kind that doesnt have a specific function but does have a specific look. For example, coffee always tastes better from a superhero mug than a plain white one.

This Halloween, give your candy an extra creepy flavor with a cursed-looking bowl! Product Details This 4.

5-Inch Skull Candy Bowl is just what you need to hold your Halloween candy! Its flared top makes it easy to reach in and grab your favorite kind of sugar, and the skulls around the sides give it the perfect creepy look.

Youll love using this bowl for spooky season year after year!

9 Black Witch Cauldron Decoration

Perfect Mix Youve been brewing up something special for Halloween in your mind. The recipe calls for two parts sweet and three parts sour.

A dash of surprise and pinch of trickery adds the flavor of mischief. But your enchanting witches' brew wouldnt be complete without the addition of an eerie feeling, sprinkle of shadows, and uneasy shivers.

And, of course, youll need somewhere to mix it all. Whether youll be stirring everything up while trick-or-treating with your children or handing out sugary snacks to neighborhood monsters and ghouls, this simple black cauldron is the perfect vessel.

Product Description Concoct your witches' brew in this classic Halloween decoration! This 9-inch cauldron makes a great costume accessory or candy container for your Halloween celebrations.

Featuring a swiveling handle and a deep interior, this spooky vessel has just enough detail to pass as a mini pewter cauldron and is ready to hold your favorite Halloween snacks. Carry the lightweight plastic bucket as a treat pail while trick-or-treating or pretend to create the treats youll use to grant trick-or-treaters' wishes!

Witch Essentials Whether youre staying in or heading out for Halloween, make sure your witches' brew and cottage dcor are exactly right with this 9-inch Witches Cauldron Decoration. Perfect for holding candy or all your potion ingredients, no sorcerers home is complete without it!


Animated Candy Bowl with Shaking Reaper Halloween Decoration.

Take Some Candy..

. If You Dare!

The Grim Reaper is getting a little bored. It's no fun stalking dark alleys and sinister graveyards looking for victims to scare, but most people don't like walking through those creepy places.

Thanks to Halloween, though, his talents have found a new scope. This pretty bowl full of delicious candy is just right for frightening some hapless trick-or-treaters.

Product Details Your visitors will get a trickand a treat when you set out this exclusive Animated Candy Bowl with Shaking Grim Reaper! The purple plastic bowl is decorated with a plastic skull draped with black cheesecloth fabric.

Skeletal hands are attached to either side of the bowl. When activated, the reaper's eyes glow and its head moves up and down.

Candy Creep No one would dare to take too many pieces of chocolate with this guy standing watch! He'll act as guard, but he'll still make people smile with his ghastly grin and his enjoyment of the spooky holiday.

He has even promised not to reap any souls unless they do something completely horrible, like put their empty candy wrappers back into the bowl.


Animated Monster Hand in Bowl

Ever since the Addams Family rose into exceptional fame, a number of likewise unusual folks have began to creep out of the wood work in an effort to make themselves known and see what sort of life they could pave for themselves. It has been generally good for everyone.

The spread of diverse folks, even the admittedly creepy ones, has bolstered great stories and helped to foster some mutually beneficial relationships that might have never happened before. Now, of course, there are some that arent quite so convinced.

There is that sense of intimidation or questionable fairness when an 8-foot tall distant cousin of Lurch decides to join the volleyball team but a number of the others have branched out in some pretty inventive ways. In fact, we have some of Things siblings who have been looking for a good source of employment and entertainment for a while.

One, this Animated Monster Hand in Bowl, has developed the amazing ability to speak, in fact, and is looking to become your candy greeter for this epic season. Were not sure how it talks (beyond the use of three AA batteries), but it is pretty delightful when it jumps up to grab any candy seekers while shouting out its seasonal greetings.

Have a good little scream this year with Things slightly greener brother and, perhaps, youll have some of the actual Addamses come to visit!

Batman Candy Bowl Holder Decoration

Gotham Needs Candy The Joker has struck again! This time, the clown-faced villain has pulled the worst possible prank - he's stolen the city's candy supply just before Halloween!

This is no joking matter. Gotham's trick-or-treaters are facing certain disappointment if nothing is done.

Nobody panic, though, because Batman is here to save the day! He's racing through the streets in the Batmobile, hunting down the Joker.

When he finds the perpetrator and reclaims the candy, he'll personally stand guard over it to make sure that everyone gets plenty of sugar on Halloween night! Product Details Your treat table will look extra epic this year thanks to this officially licensed DC Batman Candy Bowl Holder!

The foam figure is shaped just like Batman, from the logo on his chest to his square jaw and bat-eared hood. A clear plastic bowl rests on his oversized feet.

You can tell from his clenched fist and the Batarang in his hand that he's prepared to defend it from any villains that come his way!