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Frida Kahlo Women's Plus Size Costume

Frida Be, You and Me Frida Kahlo captivated the world with her originality, her creativity, and her "devil may care" attitude. And her art!

Don't even get us startedthe woman was and is, to this day, one of the most intriguing figures in history. Whether you're an art history teacher, a gallery owner, or simply a longtime lover of her original character, this Women' Plus Size Frida Kahlo Costume will suit your own unique style this Halloween!

You've spent a long time trying to become your own person, so this look is perfect for an independent original, such as yourself! Of course, there can only be on Frida Kahlo, but for tonight, at least, it can be you!

And one of the most fun aspects of being Frida, of course, is not caring what anyone thinks of you! Refreshing, no?

So throw on this effortlessly gorgeous costume in Frida's signature style, and prepare to take the world by storm! Design & Details Before the fashion industry praised the trendy "mixing of prints," Frida was living it!

She knew how to create a physical appearance that would live in as much infamy as her name. Which is why our costume studio took such care to craft this licensed look with authenticity, with layers of a top and shawl over a peasant skirt.

The top is vibrant yellow with a red floral design, while theskirt is navy with a wide white hem, bold orange stripe, and complementary pattern. The shawlhas fringe, of course, while the included headband enables you to recreate Frida's signature braided and floral hairstyle.

Paint Your Own Reality There's no telling what your holiday may hold when you're dressed as Frida. At the very least, you'll be celebrated and lauded for your original costume everywhere you go!

You can team up with a Diego counterpart, or you can fly solo for the night. Frida lived for adventure, mystery, and inspiration, so don't feel the need to plan your night out too carefully!


Girls Silver Movie Star Costume

"Listen here doll face, you have the look that we've been searching for! We're going to put you in the movies.

You'll be the next Hollywood sensation and just as popular as Shirley Temple. You better believe that we're going to make a big star out of you!

" Well, did you hear that? Congratulations, you've got what all the studio executives and Hollywood agents are looking for.

You've got that pizzazz and award-winning smile that will make you stand out on the silver screen. You'll easily become a household name overnight because you have the right personality and features that will skyrocket you to stardom.

You better start learning your lines because we've set up a big audition for you tomorrow for the leading role in the highly anticipated movie set to be released next summer. We also have you booked with some of the biggest celebrity stylists.

If you're going to walk the red carpet at all the premieres and brush shoulders with other movie stars, you'll need a stylish wardrobe to set you a part from the others. Remember, when you see the flashing lights of the cameras, smile as big as you can!

If your little diva in training is destined to be in the movies, she'll love pretending to be a famous actress. This silver movie star costume is a great way for your little one to look and feel famous.

The floor-length gown is full of silver sequins so she'll sparkle and shine while she strikes a pose. The black belt with the glimmering rhinestones compliment the faux-fur stole that will lavishly drape off her shoulder.

Finally, the elbow-length gloves give off an old Hollywood vibe that will make your little girl feel glamorous. However, she may need to take them off while she's busy signing autographs for all her "fans!


Gold MC Hammer Adult Vest

StopHammer time! We all want to reclaim a little bit of the 90s.

The fun music like This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan, Barbie Girl by Aqua, and MMMBob by Hanson.okay, maybe not that last one.

But you get the idea. Music you could dance to like the Macarana by Los Del Rio, and Tootsee Roll by the 69 Boyz.

And of course, Cant Touch This by the iconic MC Hammer. Well, now you can claim a bit of the 90s.

Yeah, you know you cant touch this. Well, you can touch this Gold MC Hammer Vest if you buy it.

Turns out the 90s arent as hard to come by as you might have thought. Everyone still loves the music, and the styles are even coming back.

Get this vest and be ready to live it up on the dance floor in this vest. Just dont forget to grab a pair of parachute pants, who knows you might just be the one to bring that particular fashion back into style.


Jojo Siwa Music Video Outfit Costume for Kids

It's Jojo with the big bow! If there's anyone out there who knows how to kick off a celebration, it's Jojo Siwa.

She usually makes a grand entrance in sparkly pants, high-top sneakers, and her signature hair bow, and suddenly the whole room starts dancing. Kids can't help but Dab, Dougie, Whip, and Nae Nae whenever Jojo enters the scene, especially if one of her catchy new songs is blasting through the speakers.

We dare you not to dance to upbeat songs like "Boomerang" and "Hold the Drama." Spoiler alert: it's impossible!

If you know a youngster who loved watching Jojo tear it up on Dance Moms,then gift her with this JoJo Siwa music video costume so she can feel like a tween star in her own right. She'll love feeling like she's being featured in the eye-popping music video "Kid in a Candy Store" while she's decked out in a frilly glitter skirt, pink sleeveless vest, and a big yellow hair bow, of course!

This costume may inspire your daughter to take a stand on bullying, start her own Youtube channel, or throw a big party with all her besties because when you're dressed up as Jojo it's impossible not to feel like a social butterfly. Also, don't be surprised if she starts practicing her danceroutines passionately.

It's going to take a lot of hard work if she's going to appear on the next season of Dance Moms!


Like a Virgin Women's Pop Star Costume

SAVE ON THE RECEPTION When it comes to wedding planning, there are always a zillion things that need to be organized. And each of those is going to come with a fairly hefty price tag, unless you manage to convince some of your friends to help out.

Get the chefs in the family working in the kitchen. Have those interior decorators putting their creative know-how to the test in making the room look lovely.

You can even depend on the babysitters to help wrangle up all the kids of the guests! But, what to do about entertainment!

? A band can get pretty expensive, even if they're still your friends!

But, have you considered putting your own talents on display? Hey, you're the star of the night, anyway; why shouldn't you also get the spotlight when it comes to the stage?

Get those dance moves ready and warm up the vocals, because you're going to not only be a beautiful bride but put thepop in your opening number as your own wedding singer! DESIGN & DETAILS There is nothing better than the best day of your life.


unless, of course, you can make it even more memorable or manage to put it on repeat! Our in-house designers also do all our wedding planning as well as manage our pop star careers.

(Actually, we probably make them work too hard.) Without them, we could never offer you this exclusive Like a Virgin PopStar Costume.

This thigh-length skirt and corset dress has spaghetti straps and a sheer layer of tulle with white heart flocking. The long fingerless gloves match the white wedding and '80s star look while the metallic belt makes sure everyone knows who the star of the show truly is.

Just get those dance moves ready! MARRIED TO YOUR CAREER Who says that you can't have it all!

? With this Popstar Costume, you can both have the night of your life and ensure that your future is shining like diamonds.

This is just the thing to give you all the right material, girl!


Men's Chameleon Pop Star Costume

THE FAME GAME These days, breaking into the world of show business is more difficult than ever. There's a lot of competition andeveryone is contending to be the hottest pop star currently at the top of the charts.

While everyone in the world is competing to be the best, you're focused on how to stand out; you're fixatedon how to be different. Being a one-of-a-kind singer and songwriter is your goal because it's the best way of rising to the top while pushing all the other unoriginal acts to the side.

(Sorry basic acts, it's your time in the spotlight now.) On your journey to be the next top-selling pop artist in America, (scratch that, the next top-selling pop artist in the world, is morelike it), then you're going to need a stylish, androgynous and exclusive wardrobe.

Allow us to be your personalstylist,and the first outfit we'd love to see you in is the Chameleon pop star men's costume.It's different, it's fun,it's totally you and it's the ensemble that will help make you a household name.

Just remember us when you make it big, okay? DESIGN & DETAILS The exclusive Chameleonpop star men's costume comes with the shirt, vest, pants, bow tie, and a pair of fingerless gloves.

Our team of talented designers studied popular, nostalgic pop stars to create this Made by Us costume so you can skyrocket to the top as quickly as possible. The striped shirt features real buttons and rounded shirttails while the elastic waistband pants have a coordinating stripe down both sides.

The pullover vest features a funky houndstooth print while the bow tie and fingerless gloves complete the costume. HATS OFF TO YOU Want to guaranteea standing ovation at your next live performance?

Add the coordinating chameleon pop star hat with wig to your order as a head-turning accessoryand costume staple.