Cheshire Cat Costumes

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Cheshire Cat Costume for Girls

The Office Cat Our office cat, Chuck, is a great pet but it's really difficult trying to teach him tricks. Actually, it's nearly impossible.

If we command him to "sit" or "lay down" he either a) gives us a blank stare b) continues licking his paws or c) dismisses us completely by walking away. We've come to the realization that Chuck will (probably) never be able to carry out our commands, so as a team we've decided to focus our energy elsewhere.

Now, we are devising a plan to transform Chuck from a regular office cat into Cheshire Cat's doppelganger. Instead of teaching Chuck to sit, we are going to teach him to smile.

Owning a smiling cat would win us tons of internet points. To achieve Cheshire Cat's infamous stripes, we'll purchase pink and purple dye that's specially formulated for fur.

We have a feeling that Chuck won't like that very much. In fact, we don't think he will like any of this.


at all. He may even try scratching our eyes out again and that's never fun.

Design & Details On second thought, we're not going to attempt turning our office cat into the Cheshire cat. We'll just transform ourselves into Wonderland's disappearing feline by a costume of course.

If you're little girl has been inspired to do the same, then our exclusive Cheshire Cat girl's costume is perfect for her. It's a hooded dress with an attached tail and a furry pair of mitts.

Not only will your little girl love this costume, but your pet cat will love it too, (especially if your daughter is like us and tries to teach him to do tricks all the time!)


Cheshire Cat Costume for Women

A Curious Thing "Well! I've often seen a cat without a grin, but a grin without a cat!

It's the most curious thing I ever saw in my life!" The Cheshire cat kept Alice guessing when helping her find her way through Wonderland, mostly when the trickster vanished leaving its only famous grin behind.

Do you have a special cat in your life? Anyone who's lived with a feline knows that the little beasties do some strange things.

Like the time your family calico was staring at a corner of the living room wall. Was there something there?

No? Was it a moving shadow?

Nope. Fluffy is just strange.

When they're dipping their paws in our drinks or getting way too close to their face for no apparent reason we get why Lewis Carrol's wise Wonderland guide would be a cat. Appearing and disappearing whenever the Cheshire cat sees fit, sound like anyone you know?

So if you're ready to channel your inner Cheshire cat then there are a few things to work on. First, get your best grin ready.

Second, work on saying something wise while disappearing out of a room, the Cheshire cat is great at leaving that audience wanting more. Third, get your awesome, stripy cat costume ready!

The costume features a three-quarter sleeve skater dress with a furry hood and ears, it's perfected with a pink tail. The fluffy tail matches the purple and pink paw gloves.

In this bright and cheerful costume, you'll be ready to sidle up and lay down some knowledge on any Wonderland Wanderers.