Christmas Table Decorations

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10 Inch Santa Claus Tree Topper

Santa Claus Comes Tonight It's Christmas Eve, and everyone is excited. Any minute now, you could be hearing hoofbeats on the roof, or see a red sack fall down the chimney.

Actually, Santa might be even closer than you think! Product Details You'll ensure a spot on the Nice List when you decorate your tree with this Santa 10 Inch Tree Topper!

The decoration is shaped like a white-bearded Santa Claus. It wears a rich red robe trimmed with brown faux fur, and the candle it holds will light up when the piece is plugged into a wall outlet.

$19.99 $26.99

Eddie in the Morning Christmas Vacation Figurine

This is aChristmas Vacation Eddie in the Morning Figurine.
$29.99 $34.99