Cookie Costumes

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Child Cookie Costume

Candy gets all the press for being one of the sweetest treats you can eat but there is another snack that is just as, if not more amazing, the cookie. We get it, candy has its time.

Mainly, Halloween is candy's season. But the thing is, cookies rule the dessert world most of the time.

They've got depth and variety. Someof them have a melty center.

Some of them are dense and solid all the way through. Some are crispy and butter around the edge, others are perfectly soft and perfect throughout the little disc of goodness.

Everyone has their preferences. There is a person out there for every cookie, even the ones who have seen a little too much of the oven.

This particular cookie is rather enticing. We like the look of these big ol' chocolate chips.

We imagine that they would be melt in your mouth soft as soon as you took a nibble. Wait, wait, no we aren't thinking of consuming your child but it's right before lunch.

Excuse us. Anyway, this costume is a great way to celebrate your child's favorite dessert.

Hey, we get it. Desserts are something we feel passionate about.

This costume is super easy to put together with a band on the sides to make it fit well. The cookies slide over the head with a strap oneach side for a sweet cookie tunic.

Pair it with a black shirt and pants to make that baked good pop. Now all your kiddo needs is a tall glass of milk and we happen to have that costume as well!

Hey, looks like your kiddo is a smart cookie!