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Abby Cadabby Sesame Street Wand & Headband Set

Where the Air is Sweet Won't you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?Sure!

We can definitely do that! If you have a tot who is tickled pink by Elmo, who looks up to Big Bird, who loves to count with the Count, and who goes gaga for Grover, then it sounds like you definitely have a little Sesame Street fan on your hands.

And you can help make Halloween magical by giving them this Sesame Street Abby Cadabby Headband and Wand Set! Whether your child wants to wear it on its own, or they prefer to pair it with Abby's signature blue dress and pink wings for a full costume, your own little fairy-in-training will love the feeling of becoming their favorite Sesame Street character.

Product Details This set is officially licensed from Sesame Street, and gives your child two of Abby Cadabby's signature piecesher pompom pigtails and her frilly wand! The headband is ribbon-wrapped and has fluffy yarn pigtails and bangs, while the 10-inch wand is ribbon topped as well.

Make dress-up time magical no matter when it happens, from Halloween trick-or-treating to the sunniest days of summerAbby never disappoints!


Adult Pink Daisy Flower Headpiece

Plant Lady We don't know about you but the people around here have been going totally plant crazy in the last few years! When our friends go on vacation, they call us up to come and take care of their houseplants.

Some folks start breaking out their seed catalogs and garden planning books in the middle of February when the snow is still blowing outside. And can we be honest with you?

We've been following no less than five plant Instagram accounts. Yep, we're part of this craze.

That's how we know so much about it! Are you ready to take the next step into your love of all things green and growing?

Now you can become a plant with this adorable Daisy headpiece! Design & Details This Made by Us headpiece is ready to add some delight to your next costumed event.

A simple way to turn any outfit into a costume, this colorful headpiece easily straps around your head. The elastic strap is adjustable and snaps together.

The pink petals are layered around a cheery yellow center that surrounds your face. Pair this flower headpiece with a green ensemble and you'll be ready to show up to garden parties in style!


Aladdin Genie Headband

A Few Guidelines You entered the Cave of Wonders, found the lamp, survived the lava flood, and here you are, ready to make your wish! Before you begin, just a few provisos.


oh, you already know what you want? It's a costume accessory?

Wow, you're refreshingly easy to please. The last guy wanted to be a prince.

Product Details Ten thousand years can give you such a crick in the neck, but this lightweight Aladdin Genie Face Headband won't! The officially licensed accessory is a fabric-covered headband that's attached to a stuffed Genie face made out of blue velour fabric.

Fun details, including facial features, a ponytail, a yellow stuffed earring, and a curly chin beard bring the headband to life. You Ain't Never Had an Accessory Like Me Want a cool costume with minimal effort?

Your wish is our command! It's like the Genie himself made up this headband just for you.

All he asks is that you wish him free. He wants to go see the world.


Alice Headband Accessory

There's no telling what you're going to run into once you make it to Wonderland. We hear there's crazy tea parties with a Mad Hatter, frequent executions, talking walruses, and even smoking caterpillars.

Yes, it does sound a bit odd, but what can you really expect, following a dressed rabbit down a hole where the laws of physics cease to exist? Regardless of how strange it may be, you better dress your best.

Perhaps a nicely pressed dress, apron, and don't forget your hair! We recommend this Alice Headband.

It has a black satin bow on top, perfect for keeping your hair at bay while stylishly topping off your outfit. You better look your best, for who knows, you may run into the queen herself!

Watch your bow, though. We hear the queen has a thing for making heads roll.

$4.99 $9.99

Anime Cat Magenta Ears Headband

There's something downright empoweringabout wearing something on your head, don't you agree? .


Okay, okay, allow us to explain. A crown, a headband, a gorgeous and tasteful hat--all of it, any of it, we'll take it.

Like, how do you feel when you have the opportunity to bestow upon yourself some new noggin ornament that attracts attention all the world over. It's nice to feel noticed, you know?

And there's no better spotlight than the perfect headdress. Crowns are downright royal, conveying a sense of importance that we rather enjoy.

Tasteful hats, meanwhile, can be difficult to get just right. When's it right, for instance, to wear a fascinator?

Because we wore ours to grab coffee the other day and the stares we got were, erm, less than admiring. When do you go ball cap over beanie?

It's a hard call to make, right?!

We can never feelcertain about that decision. But headbands.


Boy oh boy do we love a good headband. All the worries we associate with other headwear go right out the window with headbands because there's such a myriad of them to sift through.

There are dark, discreet headbands used solely for utilitarian purposes, there are costume headbands that let us be anything a designer's imagination wants us to be, and then there are animal headbands that give us a quick second set of ears, like this Magenta Anime Cat Ears Headband. In this neon-bright, all-polyester headband that features faux fur ears, you can go from cute party guest to cute party guest who wants to talk about her favorite anime at the party.

No small talk for you tonight! See what we mean about their sheer versitility and effect now?

Ah, the power of a good headband.


Bendable White Bunny Ears Costume Headband

THE ICONIC BUNNY GAL She shows up in all sorts of media. Sometimes, she is a casino worker in a Japanese role-playing game.

Occasionally, she is a mysterious assassin with exotic powers. She's even been a virtual nature spirit that communes with Mother Earth.

And, who can forget the red-gowned starlet who technically didn't have long ears but definitely could have!?

What makes the Bunny Girl such a popular and powerful force, we're not sure that anyone can ever know. All that is guaranteed is that the presence of a quirky fuzzy ear and a hop-to attitude is bound to get everyone going!

PRODUCT DETAILS Complete your beautiful bunny look with this Bunny Headband with Bendable Ears. This simple plastic headband could have been enough to warrant attention, given its comfortable ease at controlling your locks.

But, it is the fuzzy white and pink wire-framed ears that transform you from luxurious lady into bounding bunny. BURROW IN FOR FUN When you're out on the town or enjoying your own at home vacation, you should do so with that little extra flair of fun.

Nobody knows fun like the Bunny Girl, so feel free to let hair down and put your ears up with this Bunny Headband!