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Black Handle Katana Foam Sword Accessory

Japan 1612 Imagine, for a moment that youre Miyamoto Musashi, the legendary samurai warrior from feudal times. A tall menacing man stands before you, eyes glaring at you.

Hes the most famous swordsman in all of Japan, Sasaki Kojiro. Hes got a mean look on his face, a sword in his hands and hes ready to duel.

You take a fighting stance. You give him an equally menacing scowl.

Hes about to learn why youre the best swordsman in all the land. Your reach for your weapon, a mighty boat oar?

Musashi managed to defeat his opponent using nothing but a boat oar in one of the most well-known duels in Japanese history. Of course, that doesnt exactly make for the most heroic look and if youre planning on dressing up like a samurai warrior, youre going to want a proper katana to go with your costume!

Product Details This toy katana has a realistic look, yet is made out of foam. It has a black handle and a silver metallic blade.

The center of the toy weapon is made of a rigid plastic core to ensure it keeps its form. When you pair it with one of our ninja or samurai costumes, youll feel like the ultimate warrior!

Legendary Two Swords Technique! Of course, we must remind you that this is just a toy replica of the iconic weapon.

Dont go challenging Sasaki Kojiro to a real duel, since he wont show you any mercy. And if you DO plan on dressing up as Miyamoto Musashi, be sure to get two katanas!


Foam Gladiator Sword Toy Weapon Accessory

Warrior Wisdom Heading out to the Colosseum? Should be interesting.

You never know what's going to happen in the high walls of the stately stonestadiums. Who are you going to fight?

What weapons will they be using? Maybe you'll even come up against a hungry lion or ostrich (Yep, ostriches were actually introduced into the arena every so often).

Well, to be honest, most gladiators probably had their specialty. Lions weren't simply hoisted on an unsuspected fighter because it would be a waste of well-trained resources and not a very good show for the thousands of paying spectators.

Other specialties included men who battled from chariots, warriors that used two swords, and even fighters that defended themselves with a net and a trident. So if you're looking to top off your gladiator costume, you'll have to choose a weapon.

Product Detail Any gladiator would be impressed with the graceful design of this sword. It has a flat black blade with a line down the middle.

The handle has a sharp curve on the top and the bottom and has a gold base. It's made of foam with a plastic exterior and is thirty-two inches long.

The color scheme goes well with many of our gladiator costumes. No Guts, No Glory When you're dressing as a Roman gladiator, you might as well go all out.

Gladiators look awesome in gold, feathers, and red fabric cloaks. This lightweight sword will look perfect with many of these costumes.

After all, what's that saying? While in Rome!


Ninjago Lego Sword

A Captivating Combination There seem to be a list of historical or fictional figures that most kids just think are cool. Almost every child, at some point in their lives, is interested in pirates, knights, pharaohs, ninjas, princesses, cowboys, or the ancient cultures they come from.

Ninjas are at the top of the list for a lot of kiddos. Warriors that are careful and sneaky are a fascinating contrast to the bold combat styles of many other cultures.

Now combine those warriors with the concept of LEGO sets and children cant get enough. (Makes sense to us!

) Lloyd Garmadon, the legendary Green Ninja, uses this cool sword for many of his adventures, and now your child can be the hero of their own story with it too! Product Details If your kid is a fan of the show or the playsets, this LEGO Ninjago sword will go great with their Lloyd costume!

They can perfect their Spinjitzu with this plastic sword like the one that Lloyd wields in season 8 of the show, complete with the ornamental gold tassel. He can swing his sword so fast that you can barely see it, and were sure your child will be just as proficient with a little practice.

(We recommend hiding any antique vases first, though.)