Creature From The Black Lagoon

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Creature From The Black Lagoon Heart-Shaped Backpack

This is aCreature From The Black Lagoon Heart Backpack.

Creature from the Black Lagoon Wallet

The Wallet from the Black Lagoon Bring your love for classic monster movies into your everyday routine when you grab this Creature from the Black Lagoon Bi-Fold Wallet. Now, every time you offer to pick up the bill on a night out, you'll be given the opportunity to show your adoration for this classic cinematic masterpiece.

Whenever you're in the checkout line at the store or visiting the bank the clerk or teller will know exactly who your favorite movie monster is! With Halloween right around the corner, there has never been a better time to upgrade your boring bi-fold to this festive horror movie wallet.

Although, the real horror will be what's inside the wallet after your Halloween celebrations, NOTHING!

Universal Monsters Creature from the Black Lagoon Christmas Ornament

The Creature of the Unorthodox Ornaments Thinking about bringing some Christmas traditions into Halloween this year? Perhaps after Halloween has come and passed, you still havent gotten all the spooky out of your system.

Well, we have just the thing you need, whether youre feeling one way or the other. Grab your very own Creature of the Black Lagoon Universal Monsters Ornament!

Thats right. You can bring the fun tradition of hanging ornaments to Halloween, or instill a bit of the Halloween spirit into your Christmas decorating.

You may be wondering where one would hang a Halloween ornament. Well, anywhere really!

Hang it off your jack-o-lanterns. Place it on one of your skeleton decorations.

Anywhere you can imagine, you can make it work. We believe in you.

As for Christmas time, proudly display this Creature of the Black Lagoon anywhere on your tree. No matter where you place this ornament, were sure it will jump out at people.

This monster mixed with a multitude of typical Christmas ornaments will make the perfect spooky surprise for all your Christmas visitors. Product Details The ornament is crafted with amazing detail.

It features the creatures head and torso. A ribbon is attached to the top of it for hanging purposes.


Universal Monsters Gillman Adult Mask

Hey, Good Lookin There are many struggles in life that are part and parcel of the human condition, which you will find that almost everyone has experienced, in whole or in part. One of those is the stress and horror of High School reunions.

There is the fear of not measuring up, that sense of nostalgic anxiety, and the more general awareness that youre so much prettier than you used to be. If that is your case, then dont worry!

You are in the right place. If you have blossomed since you attended Monster High School, if you are the beautiful duck that came from the horrible shell of the ugly duckling, then worry not!

Instead of showing up to your reunion looking perfect and alienating all your former friends with your amazing beauty, consider wearing this horrible mask instead! Your High School peers will say things like, yuck!

, and stay away from me! It will be all you ever wanted from your Monster High School reunion; we promise.

Whats Under the Surface On the other hand, if you actually went to school with the Creature from the Black Lagoon, then this mask would be in very poor taste. It would be very rude to call attention to his horrible, thick beak and his dark, soulless eyes.

Not to mention the wrinkles (or as he calls them, laugh lines)! Face the Facts If you want to hide your beautiful face under this Universal Monsters Gillman Mask, we want to support you in that.

We know that youll look great in it, even though we doubt that it will improve you!