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4th Doctor Tom Baker Doctor Who 5 Ornament

This is a 5" Doctor Who 4th Doctor Tom Baker Ornament.

Blue TARDIS Necktie

The Time Lord Tie We've always wanted to get our hands on a TARDIS. Maybe we've just been watching too much Doctor Who, but we've started a list of the things that we want to do if ever get one.

Oh, the things we'd do! We'd head back in time to look at dinosaurs, maybe shake hands with Charles Dickens, and maybe we'd head back to see what the Colossus of Rhodes looked like when it was freshly built.

Alas, we're not Time Lords..

. so we have no idea how to get a time machine of our own.

The good news is, we have this Doctor Who TARDIS Necktie. It might not let us travel through space and time, but it does make us feel a bit more like a Time Lord in everyday situations!

Product Details The Doctor Who TARDIS Necktie is modeled after The Doctor's tried and true time machine. It features the navy blue color of the machine and it also has printed panels and windows on the front.

Just pair it with your favorite button-up shirt and you'll be ready for any kind of adventure, whether that means traveling back in time to stop a deadly Weeping Angel or you're just headed out for a night of fun with some friends.

Dr. Who | Dalek Knit Arm Warmers White


Exterminate the chill in the air, we mean! Say goodbye to your fall and winter blues, because we've got some Doctor approved wear for you, based on the Doctor's legendary nemesis, the Daleks.

Daleks are not exactly known for being soft and cuddly, but you'll be warm and comfortable in these White Dalek Knit Arm Warmers! So whether you're headed to school, the grocery store, or to Skaro a hundred years in the future, slip on these warmers and you'll be ready to run, fight, and question everything like a Time Lord genius!

Product Details No metal in sight herethese arm warmers are 100% acrylic and 200% cozy. Each warmer features a Dalek "eye" (minus the pokey stick bit) and black circles to represent the 3D dots that cover their armored bodies.

Some black and grey knitting sits between them to create the neck of the Dalek. Do Daleks have necks?

We're not sure, but we do know that you can rock these warmers! Whovians, it's time to answer the call of the TARDIS.

The Doctor is here, and he needs your help! If he asks about your arm warmers, well, we don't know anything about the Daleks!


Seventh Doctor | Knit Beanie

Come On, Weve Got Work To Do The popular science fiction series,Dr. Who,has been airing for decades.

Since the 60s, the series has had many different incarnations of the Doctor. If you truly are a Whovian, then you should easily recognize the design of this knit beanie.

The same cherry red question mark pattern appeared on the SeventhDoctors sweater vest! Portrayed by Sylvester McCoy, this incarnation of the doctor was whimsical, manipulative, and loved question marks.

Not only did they cover his pullover, he even had an umbrella with a question mark-shaped handle. Some say that the questionable pattern reflected the mysterious aspects of the SeventhDoctors personality.

If you like to be mysterious (or just have an unusual fondness for this specific punctuation) then this Seventh Doctor Knit Beanie is exactly what you need! Product Details Just like the Seventh's iconic pullover, this knit beanie is also covered in tons of cherry red question marks.

They are knitted over a bright yellow base. Between each row of question marks is a turquoise zigzag pattern.

The beanie is made of 100 percent acrylic material and designed so that one size should fit most. Once you toss it on, nobody will question your love for Dr.



One Doctor in particular was famous for his scarf-wearing. But general people ought on the street probably won't recognize his iconic scarf or its bold colors if you just wear it around.

Whovians will. Whovians will love it.

But if you want average joes to understand where you stand fandom-wise, your hint might need to be a bit more obvious. Consider, say, this TARDIS Scarf if you're after a little geekery to keep you warm.

The blue color, Police Box design, and tassels are sure to draw the eye. Also the TARDIS is a bit more iconic, so it's likely average people will have a better idea that they're dealing with a Whovian.

Also you'll be nice and toasty, which is a win-win. Warning: This scarf does not have the ability to bend space and time.


Tardis Skinny Tie

Ah the skinny tie; it may be small in size but it's big (on the inside) in fashion. It's been there for those spiffy looking nerd during the first lunar landing (so was the doctor) and it's been there for modern times when something seems to go wrong in London every Christmas (Just one of many things that Doctor Who has taught us is to never go on vacation in London around the holidays.

) Yes it's true that bow ties are cool now but a T.A.



skinny tie has ALWAYS been cool. Grab one of your own today and sport it to any occasion to see just how cool it actually is.

We're sure that you'll have plenty of companions wanting to have a conversation about this stupendous accessory and then maybe you'll be able to talk about the hit BBC show over a banana daiquiri or two. Alonze!