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Deluxe Kids Dorothy Costume

Dorothy is one of the most recognizable female movie characters of all time. From her signature gingham print dress to her ruby red shoes, no one will be able to mistake who she is.

Not only is Dorothys attire make her a true pop-culture icon, but her strong will and independence also make her a girl ahead of her time. With her fierce independent spirit, Dorothy was able to navigate the often confusing landscape of Oz to eventually make her way to see the Wizard with all of her friends in tow.

Never one to take credit for her accomplishments, Dorothy was also quite modest and humble traits any parent would want for their own daughter. Send your little Dorothy on a trip through Oz to the Emerald City with this officially licensed Wizard of Oz child Dorothy costume.

This deluxe edition of the costume comes with enough of Dorothys signature look to get her ready for a walk down the yellow brick road in style. The gingham print dress is over a white blouse for a look that cannot be mistaken.

The blouse has short puffy sleeves, a crew-neck collar, and a back zipper for easy on and off. The full skirt has a built-in petticoat to give it bounce and fullness.

Tie the two matching light blue hair ribbons around her pigtails for a look straight from the film. Add a pair of ruby red shoes and a Toto in a basket accessory and your little one will be ready to take on the personality of her favorite movie character this Halloween.


Ruby Slippers | Kids Red Shoes | Costume Accessories

Anyone who's seen the classic film The Wizard of Oz remembers a couple key things about the Land of Oz. First, water makes witches melt, which seems like a very inconvenient weakness.

If we were wicked witches, we'd spend all of our extra cash on really good rain ponchos. The second thing is that if you find some red shoes, they might be magic, and could possibly be used to transport you home if you know the right way to activate them.

If your little one is dressed up as Dorothy for a wonderful imaginary trip through Oz, she's going to want these Ruby Red Slippers for the journey! Sadly, these adorable shoes don't contain any magic powers, but they do look just like the ones Judy Garland wears on the big screen, which is still a pretty magical look.

They go great with a Dorothy costume, or for saying There's no place like home, any time of the year!