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Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Sally Moonlight 16oz Mug

As Versatile as Jack Just like a Pumpkin King who can become Sandy Claws, a good mug can be used for a variety of purposes. It's ideal for sipping hot chocolate garnished with candy canes, or for enjoying a steaming mug of snake and spider stew with Oogie Boogie (hopefully the Boogieman hasn't added any "special ingredients" this time).

Product Details Celebrate Halloween, Christmas, and any random weekday with this officially licensed Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Sally 16oz Mug! The black mug is decorated with colorful images of the classic movie's title as well as its beloved end scene.


Glow in the Dark Skull Glass

Dare to Drink? Water, milk, pink lemonade - all of these beverages seem pretty wholesome until you pour them into a creepy, skull-shaped drinking goblet.

Then they might as well be the blood of your enemies for the vibe it puts off. Product Details Have a sinister sip when you use this Glow in the Dark Skull Face Goblet!

The white plastic drinking cup has a bowl shaped like a grinning skull, with a wide lip for drinks, and a stem that is shaped like the top of a spine. In the dark, it glows an eerie green.


Skeleton Holding A Goblet

Dying for a Drink The cool thing about having a creepy cup is that it makes anything you pour into it seem sinister. You could be drinking milk and dipping cookies into its bowl, and people will think you're building an immunity to white poison.

Product Details This Skeleton Goblet Drinkware does double duty as a glass and as a decoration! The metal-lined molded resin goblet is supported by with a stem shaped like a kneeling skeleton.

A banner with printed nonsense words (evil spells??

) winds around the base and bowl.