Easter Bunny Costumes

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Adult White Easter Bunny Mascot Costume

Bunny Gifts Some people have argued about the Easter Bunny's methods of gift-giving before. They've complained that the fact that you have to work to find your eggs and then in the morning you have to hunt around for your baskets.

They think it's just some sort of unnecessary hassle that just isn't worth going through the trouble for. We, however, are on team Easter Bunny all the way!

We've got two arguments for these silly people. First of all, we will go through a TON more than a little searching around in order to get a hold of some candy (especially chocolate).

Second of all, look at Halloween and Christmas. We're not knocking either holiday, especially with our favorite holiday being Halloween (Sorry Easter, you're not quite at the top.

). Santa makes you be good all year and on Halloween you have to go door to door!

You keep doing you, Easter Bunny. We've got your back.

Design & Details Celebrate Easter the right way with this Easter Bunny Mascot Costume--it's great for Easter egg hunts or mall appearances. This costume comes complete with the fluffy, faux fur bodysuit, the deluxe mascot head, as well as matching fur gloves, and complete foot covers.

Just be careful of the kids who like to pull ears and tails! (PLEASE NOTE: the costume is white and not gray as pictured.

) Do not attempt to drive while wearing the head; it does obstruct vision. (So it'd probably be a good idea to really watch your step as you go down or upstairs as well!

) You're ready to hop down the bunny trail in this bunny costume!

Bunny Nose Mask

If you are a certainrabbit that we know, then you are always running a little bit late. Even for the most important of dates, you are perpetually behind schedule.

So we dont expect that your friends Halloween bash will be much different. Therefore, lets try to think proactively, shall we?

Do you really think you will have time for all that complicated bunny makeup youre planning? Why not take out the guesswork and just slip on this Bunny Nose, instead.

In the flash of an instant you can create a quick and cute bunny costume in order to spread some Easter cheer or head out for Halloween. This inexpensive mask can be used to create a last minute costume, so even if youre late you can still be on point.