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Purse Eggo Box

#1 Waffle Fan When people think about the biggest waffle enthusiasts, Leslie Knope, Eleven, and Donkey quickly come to mind. Which is fine.

You think of the same famous breakfast food fanatics as well, but you want people to think of you! You eat Eggo waffles every morning with exciting new toppings as often as possible.

When you host parties theres always a dessert that involves waffles in some way, and its a hit every time. Its become frustrating to realize that your name isnt at the top of the waffle-lovers list.

The good news is, we have a way you can fix that! Design and Details Our team of designers came up with this Eggo Box Purse for all waffle lovers.

Youll look like youve got a real box of Eggos hanging from your shoulder thanks to the detail put into each side of this purse. From a flavor seal stamp to the tab closures at each end, the sublimated print vinyl looks exactly like that recognizable yellow waffle box.

Luck was on our designers side when they set to work on this bag as well! Trends lean toward angular purses and this Eggo purse is fashion (and taste) forward with its rectangle shape.

With this Made by Us exclusive, youll finally be recognized as the #1 waffle fan! Part of a Well-Balanced Wardrobe This Eggo Box Purse is trendy and practical with a touch of fun thrown in for good measure.

When added to any outfit, youll have the perfect addition to your balanced wardrobe. So, whether youre trying to show the world you love waffles or dressing up as a famous waffle-eater for Halloween, this purse will complete your look!


Strange Girl Women's Costume

Gawrsh we love Eggo waffles! We just can't get enough of them.

It's pretty hard to beat a delicious plate of waffles, smothered in syrup and dollops of butter. You could just sit there in anticipation of eating, watching the waffle pockets slowly absorb the sugary syrup goodness.

Or you could be like us and just dig in. In fact, you'd have to be pretty strange to not want to immediately indulge in waffle goodness the moment they come out of the toaster!

Which brings us around to this costume. Cause we've heard there's a strange girl who's new to the scene, and she's way (like WAY) into waffles.

We totally can't blame her, and in fact, we'd kinda like to emulate her. And now you can do that yourself when you get this signature Strange Girl costume.

In fact, it's so awesome, we'd rate it as eleven out of ten! This costume look features a pink collared dress that secures in the back.

Athletic striped tube socks are included for a little retro style, and if you want to complete the costume effect, you're just going to need the Strange Girl wig (sold separately). And, of course, you're going to have to BYOEW.


Bring Your Own Eggo Waffles. We'd be happy to sell them to you, but we just don't think they'd be very delicious after being shipped to you in a HalloweenCostumes.

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