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Adult Yellow Brick Road Costume

Where the Road Leads They always say to follow the yellow brick road. We don't know about you, but during all of our travels on this Earth, we've never seen a yellow brick road.

We've seen red brick roads, brown brick roads, and even a gray brick road. We still haven't seen a yellow one.

Then, we started to think that maybe that phrase was more of a metaphorical saying. Maybe, the brick road is some sort of ideal that lives inside your heart!

Maybe your heart is the yellow brick road. Maybe the phrase means that you should follow your heart, no matter where it takes you.

Whoa, that's pretty deep stuff..

. Nah, it must be a real road somewhere out there!

Hey, maybe YOU could be the yellow brick road that everyone is supposed to follow. You know, the beacon of hope and friendly guidance that all of us need?

If you have a pretty good sense of direction or at least a working device with GPS, then you'll be perfect in the role as the yellow brick road! Design & Details This exclusive Adult Yellow Brick Road Costume looks like something from a storybook!

It comes with a yellow, polyfoam tunic with printed brick details on the exterior. It features holes in the top, bottom and sides for your head, legs, and arms.

Just slip it on over your normal clothes and you have an instant costume. Who knows?

People might even start following you around. Wizards and You Here's the scoop.

When you wear this Made by Us yellow brick road costume, strange, ragtag groups might start following you around. They'll be expecting you to lead them to some sort of wizard, so make sure you have some GPS ready to help you guide them to the closest wizard!