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3D Mink Hair Eyelashes

Jeepers Creepers When you want your eyes to really pop, you can't rely on makeup alone. Your eyelashes will only take so many coats of mascara before they start to get gummy and heavy, which is really not the look you're going for here.

"Sultry," "flirtatious," and "dramatic" are much better adjectives for describing your pretty peepers! Product Details Give yourself a glamorous makeover with these 3D Mink False Eyelashes!

The deep, dark lashes accentuate your real lashes and are easy to apply. Simply cut them to a comfortable and natural-looking length, and apply with your choice of makeup-grade adhesive.

They peel off easily when you're done. Because of how easy they are to use, you don't have to save them for special events - wear them during your 9 to 5, too!

Wink, Wink Bat those eyes all you like! With the right falsies, you'll have everyone wondering what your makeup secret is.


Adult Long Black Eyelashes

There's an art that's as old as time, the art of flirting using only the eyes. There's the classic wink, which sends a message clear across the room.

Then the ever effective eyelash flutter, somewhat out of fashion at the moment, mostly because it's hard to pull off without looking like you have an eye twitch. A somewhat underrecognized and, dare we say, unappreciated eye movement is the eye roll.

Sure, the roll can be seen as rude and sarcastic, but when handled with care it can be interpreted as fresh and disarming. The key to conquering the art of the eye movement is simple- rock those bold eyelashes.

There's no shame in getting outside help There are no limits to what costumes need a little lash lift. Any costume which requiring more charm and glamor can use longer lashes.

If a Burlesque dancer could use lashes, so can a Disco Queen. It's simply the easiest way to get some of that drama on your face.


Bejeweled Long Eyelashes

It's Eye Can, Not Eye Can't Some people might look at a pair of false eyelashes and say, "Why would you want to put sparkly faux jewels on these?" But true geniuses and artists look at a pair of false eyelashes and ask "Why WOULDN'T you bedazzle these?

That would be amazing!" Product Details Give your gorgeous eyes some extra glamour with this pair of Bejeweled Fake Eyelashes!

The set includes two falsies embellished with that can be cut to your preferred length. Peel the backing off to reveal the adhesive coating and stick them on as desired.

Eye Candy Your cheeks, lips, and eyelids get lots of attention when you're dressing to impress - your eyelashes want some love too! Forget the basic falsies and go for the glitz with a cute pair that's as easy to put on as it is to remove.

Batting your eyelashes has never been so effective!


Black and Green Feather Eyelashes

Fantastically Lovely You look amazing just as you are, but we wouldn't blame you if you secretly wished you had a few "forest sprite" qualities too. There's something so fascinating about pixie wings, fairy dust, and pointed ears.

While we can't help you with real, working wings and elfish ears (although we're your stop if you want fake ones!) we can definitely make you look like you belong in a fairy circle under the light of the moon.

Product Details Bring a touch of puckish wonder to your outfit by applying these Black and Teal Feather Eyelashes! The falsies have beautiful blue and green faux feathers attached to the ends of each row of regular faux eyelashes and come with glue for easy application.

Wondrous and Magical Look like something from the pages of a fairy tale in these lovely lashes! They're sure to be the perfect thing for your fairy, witch, sorceress, or magical creature costume.


Black and Silver Glitter Eyelashes for Women

So you want your eyes to stand out? Better decorate them then.

Sure you could rub metallic colors on your eyelids, paint black lines around them, highlight the edges, paste on glitter, and curl your eyelashes, but there's an easy alternative that'll really spice things up. You can add fake eyelashes.

Think about it: you can get fake lashes in any color you want. You could get a variety of lengths and simply cut them down to size.

Pasting on lashes would easily add some pizzazz, all while framing those fabulous eyes of yours and being as easy to use as roll of tape. Take our Black and Silver Glitter Eyelashes for example.

They're long black lashes with a silver glitter strip at the base. They even comes with their own adhesive.

These things are perfect for a flapper costume, an angel, fairy, pop star, or anything else you can think of. Just a little bit of glue and viola!

Eyelashes to shame a giraffe, and sparkly to boot..


Black Dramatic Wing Eyelashes w/ Glue

Expressive Eyes A huge part of communication is not about the words youre actually saying. Your tone of voice, facial expressions, and body language make up most of your message.

Thats part of the reason that stage actors wear such over-emphasized makeup and use exaggerated gesturesso that even those in the back row can catch the full meaning of their lines. If youre more up close, you can convey lots of meaning with your eyes.

So if you need to make sure your point gets across, you might want something that exaggerates what your eyes are sayingand thats where dramatic lashes come in! Product Details If you want to be sure youre being seen and heard, try these Black Dramatic Wing Eyelashes with Glue.

They come not only with the glue youll need to keep them on but also with instructions in case youre new to the world of gluing things to your eyelids. You can trim them to fit your unique eye shape, and even reuse them for your next party or makeup look!

Theyre sure to add some dramatic flair to any costume that needs it. Whether youre dressing as royalty, a magic wielder, or a rock star, these lashes will give you the expression youre looking for!