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1890s Style Mustache in Black

Would ya get a look at Bob? Bob's show is a real sight to see.

Once people see his show, they always come back for more, bringing all sorts of people with them. But as amazing as it is to see what happens on stage, you should see what he gets away with in his day-to-day.

For instance, he'll go to a movie theater empty handed but as soon as he sits in his seat he waves his hands and he'll have a bottle pop and a container of fried chicken. Annoying for everyone else, super convenient for Bob.

And speaking of annoying for everyone else, never invite Bob to take one of your Girl Scout cookies. He'll make it look like he only took one but when you look again a whole sleeve of your thin mints will be gone.

Bob might be talented but he sure is rude. He might not get away with it but he always looks so dapper!

Be like Bob, but only in the good ways. Here's a suave mustache like his: our 1890s Style Black Mustache is made from 100% real human hair, boasts professional quality, and a includes peel-and-stick adhesive to stick it on before your show, or your run at Hollywood, or at the head of your new cross-country train.


Adult Orange Mad Hatter Eyebrows

Everybody thinks its so simple. Hey, look at me, Ive got a great big hat!

Just call me the Mad Hatter! They dont understand how much more there is to a successful mad-hatting career.

This isnt the kind of profession that you choose. This is the kind of profession that chooses you.

And yes, hats are an important part of the equation, but a comically oversized top hat does not a mad hatter make. Take the eyebrows, for instance.

A well-manicured pair of eyebrows are an essential piece of any hatters ensemble. These big, bushy brows will be the talk of your next tea party, resplendent in bright orange, tapering to an elegant curl, and made from 100-percent synthetic hair.

(There are some old-timers within the hatting community wholl insist that you need to grow your own, but who has the time?) Remember: an eye-catching hat is all well and good, but at the end of the day its not worth much unless theres something memorable underneath!


Captain Obvious Mustache & Beard

Guidance Counseling It's crazy how many people need guidance in this world! And that's where the captain comes in.

The captain is here to guide people on the straight and narrow. The literal straight and narrow.

Because you'd be surprised how many people will just walk right off this ship if you don't state the obvious. Here's the thing.

We've been giving the captain a hard time for years now but we need him more than ever. This is an era in which people regularily tip-toe along the edges of cliffs for epic selfie points and use electronics while taking baths.

The advice the esteemed Captain Obvious has for all of us might seem like common sense, but some sense is a lot less common than you'd think. Product Details So, you've got your dashing captain costume.

Looking good! We'd love to state the obvious and remind you that the Captain's salt and pepper beard in an important part of the captain'scharm.

It simply straps onto your face with elastic and you'll be ready to go out there and change the world. Or state what the world already knows, either or.

It's All Clear Now While your friends might get irritated after a night of obvious statements, you're sure to have fun. And let us remind you, that's what Halloween is all about!

The days of dropping hints and reading between the lines are over. It's about time you took your proper position as Captain Obvious!


Caveman Beard and Wig Set

THAT 'JUST WOKE UP' LOOK It can be pretty tough to manufacture a carefree hairstyle. You've got to wake up pretty early to get the right tease to the hair.

Just enough curl and frizz but not so much that folks can see the effort that you've put into it. So, when you want to go for a look that'sreally early, there's evenmore work that's going to happen.

That's especially true if you want to go authentic and only use tools that were available in the stone age. Whereis that time machine!

? DESIGN & DETAILS You won't have to worry about jumping through time portals or smashing your hair with rocks when you have this Prehistoric Caveman Beard and Wig accessory.

We've done all the work for you to make sure that your locks are incredibly full, curly, and tangled as all get-out. The beard matches and attaches with adhesive and an elastic band.

ANCIENT BEDHEAD Make sure that you look like you've been napping for areally long time with this wig and beard kit. It's perfect for your prehistoric look but also great for your frazzled wizard, bear-wrestling woods-dweller, or for when Rip Van Winkle finally decides to finish up that 100-year nap!


Child Santa Beard and Moustache

Sometimes Santa needs just a little more help during the busy season. We're not even talking about the elves.

They've got their own jobs that they specialize in such as building the toys, packaging the toys, or working with delivery logistics for the big night. Sometimes the big guy needs a little more help with the whole spreading of Christmas cheer.

Those specialists have to focus on, hearing what every kid wants for Christmas, eating all the cookies left for him, and the actual delivery of all those gifts! When he gets real desperate, there isn't a height or belly girth requirement anywhere.

You just have to be a jovial person who loves Christmas. Sound like your little elf might be up for the job?

All they'll need is their own beard and moustache. We're not sure about your mini Santa, but we still can't grow a beard that thick as grown men, so this beard and moustache is an excellent replacement.


Child Santa Wig and Beard

Kids, there are two ways to grow a long white beard like Santas. First, you have to eat nothing but milk and cookies for at least 50 years.

This is the best part. Then you have to work in a factory year round (or better yet make elves do it), live in an arctic wasteland, and once a year you have to visit about three billion houses in fewer than 24 hours.

Tell you what -- if youre going this route, start with the milk and cookies part and report back to us in a few months, tell us how its going. The second way, which is a little more convenient, is to get our Santa Wig and Beard.

Itll be a lot more comfortable wearing our cozy, fitted wig and beard than chilling in the Arctic all year, right? And did we mention how bad reindeer smell?