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Freddy Adult Fedora

Behind all the scars, the frightening claws and the invading of nightmares, Freddy Krueger is, at heart, a man of fashion. This Adult Freddy Fedora is proof.

He's studied all the trends of the last few decades and his hat tests well with teens and young adults. They shriek and gasp every time he shows up wearing it.

Why, everyone on Elm Street cried bloody murder when they caught site of his fashion statement. They even see it in their dreams at night.

Ol' Freddy came to the natural conclusion that they either love it, or are completely terrified by it. Freddy is cool with either one of those and if you want to be like Freddy, you want to wear this hat!


Gray German Alpine Hat

Can't Missthe Swiss Green valleymountain views.A crispy wiener schnitzel for dinner after skiing all day.

Sleeping in mountain huts after hiking across mountain passes for hours.It seems like we could use a little more Alps in our lives.

How about you? Are you ready to embrace your inner yodeler?

You might not be able to buy a ticket to Bavaria or Switzerland tomorrow but you can work a little more of that mountain culture into your costume wardrobe. Top off your Oktoberfest costume with this Alpine hat and you'll feel just a little closer to the Matterhorn!

Product Details This light-weight felt hat looks like it's straight out of Germany. The traditional mountain hat has a bit of a brim to keep the sun out of your eyes on a sunny day at the beer gardens.

It's trimmed with the German colors to make sure everyone knows where your head is. What's the Matterhorn?

Work a mountainous feel into your wardrobe. This hat will look great with our lederhosen or dirndl costume.

Choose a look that suits your personality. Just be sure to keep your footwear sensible, you never know when you'll be invited to do some mountaintop yodeling!


Men's Deluxe Green German Hat

License To Yodel In most of polite society, you have to use your indoor voice. Of course, there are exceptions.

People shout at sporting events and they holler while driving through echoing tunnels on road trips. But discovering events in which you can let a real, live yodel loose are few and far between.

In fact, people might not even expect you to yodel if you're vacationing in the Alps unless you're wearing the right accessories. That's where this hat comes into play.

A Bavarian classic for mountain men, this hat has everything you need to give you license let loose with a real live yodel, whether you're in the Alps or bellying up to the bar at an Oktoberfest in Oklahoma! Product Details Whether you're rocking lederhosen or a dirndl, this hat is a cheerful way to top off your ensemble.

Perfect for a lush, Alpine landscape, the lightweight green felt of this look is comfortable and bright. Accented with a dapper feather, when you place this hat on your head you'll be ready to take on all the pretzels and pilsners the season will offer!

Bestie at the Festie Are you bringing friends to Oktoberfest this year? Grab a few more hats and other accessories to make sure that even your unprepared pals are looking festive!


Purple Pimp Costume Hat Accessory

Everyday You're Hustlin' Listen, man. People need to know that you're the top player in the neighborhood.

You know, not just any geek off the street, but the head honcho. You've got the whole block on lockdown.

It'syour block. You need the kind of accessories that proudly showcase your status, and that's exactly where this Purple Pimp Hat Costume.

It's sort of like a modern-day king's crown! Design & Details Our costume designers wanted to craft the perfect, tailor made for anyone looking to claim their title of king of the streets.

And this costume hat? Well, it exudes pure luxury and style.

The molded hat features a lush, purple exterior made out of a faux suede material. The band has a cheetah print pattern all over it, and it even has a black feather peaking out of the band.

Just pair it up with any of our matching pimp costumes, or any of our pimp accessories! It's sure to get you the respect you deserve!