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Forrest Gump Running Costume for Boys


. Some kinds of kids are like a fresh gust of wind.

A breath of fresh air. You know the type.

They have this optimism that just can't be defeated no matter what they are confronted by. These kids seem possessed by the spirit of Forrest Gump and his own hopeful outlook on life.

Now, perhaps your little champ isn't muttering quotes from the film. Maybe their only interest in a box of chocolates is getting as many pieces as they can.

Then again, the movieis some 25 years old..

. Ifthat fact made your eyes widen and your heart skip a beat, we definitely think it is a good idea to take a nice run back in time and bring Forrest into the present!

The best way to make that happen is to let your kiddo use their already ever-present energy and slip into the ever-running look of our favorite guy, Forrest Gump! DESIGN & DETAILS Help your child get their Forrest on with this officially licensed Kid'sForrest Gump Running Costume.

This look was put together by our in-house design team thatalso couldn't stand the idea that it was over two decades ago that the film was on screen. The costume features all the components your kiddo needs to replicate Forrest's "Keep Right On Going" look, including the yellow t-shirt, bright red shorts, and knee-high running socks.

Of course, you are really here for the incredibly long beard and the iconic Bubba Gump hat thatdefines these movie moments! WHAT'S YOUR DESTINY?

Forrest might say that our life is a mix of fate and the rush of random wind, but you can help your child get a bit of a grip on their own with this Forrest Gump costume. Plus, this way they don't have to run across the country a few times just to earn a giant beard!