Ghost (Band)

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Cardinal Copia Ghost Costume

Stand by Him Papa Nihil has spoken. The Emeritus bloodline no longer pleases him.

Papa Emeritus I, II, and III all served their purposes during the Emeritus reign, but their time on the stage is over. It's time for an era of leadership for Ghost.

It's time for something..

. unexpected and sinister.

It's time for Cardinal Copia to lead the metalheads into a new age of shredding and eerie lyrics. It will be a truly dark era.


but perhaps it can be ushered in by your very hands! If you think you have what it takes to lead the Nameless Ghouls, then it's time for you to assume the rule of Ghost's nefarious frontman, Cardinal Copia.

This officially licensed costume will help you do just that. Product Details Inspired by Tobias Forge's fourth incarnation of Ghost's lead singer, this costume transforms you into one deadly looking leader.

The costume was designed by B Ackerlund, who worked on the official costume worn by Tobias during Ghost performances. It comes with a black robe that mimics the look of the Catholic priest habits.

It also comes with a matching hat. When you put it on, you might just feel the intense desire to step on stage to preach a ghoulish message to your legion of obedient fans.

Just watch out for Papa Nihil..

. judging by what he's already done to the Emeritus line, his own flesh and blood, we tend to think that Cardinal Copia's time on this Earth may be limited!

New Era of Metal If you want to become a metal legend, then perhaps it's time to transform into Cardinal Copia! With this officially licensed costume, you'll look just like the ghastly leader of Ghost.

You might just have what it takes to command the Nameless Ghouls into a new era of metal.

Ghost Staff

CHOOSE YOUR CROWD CAREFULLY When you're a world-wideband with a fairly literally cult following, you may find yourself in some tough situations from time to time. Such was the case for the Swedish heavy metal band,Ghost, when they turned up in Tennessee looking for some choir singers.

You might think that you could find aton of chorus down South and, sure enough, they did! But, when asked to join up with a Satanic Priest to sing some metal, well, they had to outsource from Hollywood to get the job done.

But, that wouldn't stop these mysterious folks from showing off their style and it won't stop you either! PRODUCT DETAILS Complete your look and command the stage with this Ghost Papa Staff accessory.

This officially licensed staff measures to 80" long when all the pieces are connected and will immediately give you the very same authority as a Roman Catholic priest..

. if just a little bit reversed.



Artists have to give up a lot to create their passion and, in the case of Ghost, that sometimes means their whole identity. Fortunately, you can craft your own version and highlight the lead singer of the metal band when you've got this staff themed after the look of the Satanic Priest character, himself, Papa Emeritus!