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Child Graduation Cap

Path To Success Work hard, play hard is this little guy's motto. He mastered the ABC's, 123's, learned how to tie his shoes, and still managed to get all his naps in, plus he took part in every recess, of course.

Small in stature but big in creativity--you should really check out his artwork. (The handprint turkey he made for Thanksgivingis a true masterpiece.

) He's a capable and intelligent young man ready to advance his education, signifyingthe next step by wearing this graduation cap. It's a convenient way to indicate this important life milestone plus it getstykes excitedaboutall their recent accomplishments.

Now he's grasping fundamentals, soon he'll change the world! Product Details This graduation cap is designed to fit on a child-sized head with ease and comfort.

The black satin fabric guaranteesit matches all clothing and any color robe. The tassel is secured to one corner.

A Time To Celebrate They're growing up so fast and it may bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your heart so document the occasion by taking plenty of pictures. Snap away while they proudly hold up their new diploma!


Graduation Cap Black

We know what you're thinking. "Man, if only I could wear that graduation cap all the time.

It was so cool!" We get it!

We're on the exact same boat! We've always wanted to walk around town with that square top and tassel swinging around looking as smart as a whip!

Everybody would look at us and think we were one special breed of person. Way back in the day, professors actually would wear this hat at all times to show their status, and originally it was red to symbolize blood and life.

To us that sounded a little more like some scary cult than a group of academics. Still it's got a pretty sweet ring to it.

Now you can get a slightly cheaper version of the real thing to wear around everywhere without ruining the one for the big day, so your mother won't absolutely eviscerate you. It's got the tassel and everything so you can even practice doing a few tricks with it to show off at parties.