Green Petticoats

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Mint Tulle Petticoat

Flounce is fun! It's fun to feel like you're bouncing while you're taking a stroll.

And that's exactly the purpose of a petticoat; it's intended for extra fun while you're wearing your costume and of course, flounce. In fact, instead of strolling, you'll feel like you're prancing or sashaying or strutting your stuff, all because you incorporated a petticoat into your costume or everyday wardrobe.

This mint tulle petticoat has all the fluff you'll need. The beautiful mint color is unique and can be used for any sort of green costume.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Poison Ivy, or a leprechaun costume would all benefit from the help of this versatile accessory. Put on the stretchy elastic waistband petticoat and get ready to work it girl!