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Hair Chalk- Orange

All About Orange There's just something about the color orange. It has a fiery attitude that just can't be contained.

You can't tell orange what to do. Orange follows the beat of its own drum.

Orange is spontaneous, the life of the party, and always finds the way to brighten things up. It's even one of the signature colors of our favorite holiday, Halloween.


. we love orangewe just wish that we would have been born with bright, vibrant orange hair.

Alas, we don't have the genetics for that. We do, however, have this Orange Hair Chalk, which can turn any person's hair a brilliant shade of orange!

Product Details If you love orange as much as we do, or if you just need to add a burst of bright color to your look, then you might want to try this Orange Hair Chalk. This simple accessory is a talc-based product that will turn your hair orange.

An applicator is built into the container to help you apply the hair chalk. When you're all done, just wash away the chalk with warm water and regular hair shampoo.

We recommend using it with some of our pumpkin or rock star costumes!

Hair Chalk- Silver

This one's for the subtle, stylish costumers out there. Some are costume wallflowers, you know?

They prefer subtly that can be caught by keen-eyed observers instead of screaming this or that to the masses. Look, this isn't some silver glitter hairspray you can cake on.

No, this is Silver Hair Chalk, an accessory for those who prefer to hint, suggest, or tease their way to attention. Totally fun and completely temporary, this subtle Silver Hair Chalk is the flair your hair needs to take your costume to the next level.

This convenient product provides you with hours of endless flair and fun. After reading the instructions, use the applicator to apply the talc-based chalk to your luscious locks for a silvery sheen.

It's an easy way to add drama to a witch costume or detail to an otherwise milquetoast get-up. We see that look in your eyes.

We can practically feel the ferocity emanating from your spirit, and we're excited to see how you hone that into a costume using this Silver Hair Chalk.


Pink Chalk for Hair

Think Pink You have been living a daring double life. By day, you're an amazing preschool teacher.

You demonstrate patience, understanding, and a commitment to your students' development. But by night?

You are out playing bass for your popular band! Hey, that's SO cool.

You do you, friend, and go explore your many sides. The only thing is that your day look doesn't quite vibe with your night look.

Those school-appropriate floral frocks, cardigans, and printed blouses don't really scream "cool rocker goddess" the way you quite wish they would. No, you need something easy and non-permanent to amp up your night owl style when you step on stage.

This Pink Hair Chalk may be just what you need! Wear it for a weekend and then, voila!

You can return to your daily persona by Monday morning's circle time. Product Details This is a stellar product for any costume or night-out occasion.

Whenever you need a pop of hot pink color, just apply this hair chalk in a streak for a fun effect, or allover for a complete transformation. When you're ready, just wash it out!

What could be simpler? Maybe not living a double life.

That would be simpler. But so much less fun!


Pink Hair Spray

We cant even count all the awesome female characters with pink hair. Youve got Poison from Final Fight, always ready to kick some wholesale keister with her trademark buggy whip and long, flowing pink hair.

Youve got Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, who when she isnt regretting her former dating decisions is always ready to crush bad guys with her giant sledge hammer (+2 against girls).

Youve got Sakura Haruno from Naruto, and we dont know what she does because we dont watch anime, but we understand shes a ninja, so she must be pretty tough too. The point is, you cant have pink hair and not be a total femme fatale.

Theres something about that color With just one can of our pink hair spray youll crank the dial up from gloom to glamour! This hair spray goes on quickly and comes out easily, so you wont have to commit to having pink hair for very long.

It holds its color well while its on, of course. Youll be the center of attention wherever you go when you have pink hair!


Purple Chalk for Hair

Purple Reign Purple has always been a royal color. Way back in ancient times, Roman emperors banned citizens from wearing the color.

Purple was also reserved for royals in Medieval Europe as well! It makes sense that the color was so precious.

Creating the color purple was very difficult back in the day. It was created by collecting the mucus of a special sea snail and exposing it to sunlight for a very exact amount of time.

The color didn't become widely available until the mid-1800s when human-made dyes hit the markets. It's wild that we can wear as much purple as we want these days!

You can even paint it into your hair! Now, what would Roman Empires think about that?

Product Details Hair chalk lets you create bright, colorful streaks in your hair that last can stay upwards of 2 shampoos. A brighter and neater way to add a stripe of color to your hair for special occasions, this look is a great idea for festivals, theme parties, and costumed events.

Whatever you're dressing up for, you can hold your head high with this famous royal color. Just don't let Caeser catch you wearing this royal shade unless you're wearing a crown!