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Adult Hellraiser Pinhead Costume

Wanted: Leader of Cenobites Do you like solving complex puzzles? Are you disenchanted with the human race?

Want to serve a mystical and malevolent being who craves chaos and detection? Ever wonder what it's like to have a head full of pins?

Then you might be the perfect candidate to become the new leader of the Cenobites! You'll get to travel the world, recruit unsuspecting vict.


er, prospects, to join Leviathan's band of loyal followers. If you think you're ready, then all you need is a mind capable of solving the Lament Configuration and this Adult Hellraiser Pinhead Costume, which comes officially licensed from the classic horror movie series.

Product Details This adult costume recreates the look of the horror movie villain. It starts with a long, black dress that has printed details in the front the mimic the style seen in Hellraiser.

The dress fits with a zipper along the back, making it easy to change into. Of course, you can't be Pinhead without that head full of pins!

That's why this costume comes with a molded latex mask inspired by Pinhead's face. It features openings at the eyes, the nose, the mouth, and the ears.

it also features 3-D lines to work as guides for the included pins, which must be inserted into the mask to get the realistic look. The pins themselves are made out of hard plastic and feature a metallic paint job.

They also have small caps to keep them secure in place once you've inserted them into the mask. It all combines for a look that will transform you into the one and only leader of the Cenobites.

Time to Serve Leviathan If you're ready to devote yourself the malevolent Leviathan..

. or if Hellraiser happens to be one of your favorite horror movies of all time, then you're ready for this Hellraiser Pinhead Costume.

$89.99 $79.99

Hellraiser Lament - Box Accessory

Puzzles and Pleasures With Halloween coming up, we have one question. Whats your pleasure?

Perhaps you want to make the ultimate Hellraiser costume this year. Well, dont worry about going to their dimension looking for some fashion advice.

We are more than willing to help you avoid that terrifying trip. Pick out the perfect Cenobite costume, possibly one of our Pin Head options, or create your very own Cenobite.

Then you will need just one more thing. Product Details This Lament Configuration puzzle box accessory is the perfect finishing touch to your Hellraiser-themed costume.

Its designed to resemble the one youve seen throughout many of the Hellraiser films. This box, however, isnt made out of human fat and bones with help from the Cenobite known as Baron.

Instead, it is made with simple redwood lament and nickel etching. Also, you dont need to worry about hooks flying out of this one and tearing you to pieces.

Being a simple costume accessory, there is nothing for you to solve. Its not an actual puzzle box therefore there is nothing to fear.

Although, we do have a bit of advice. If you do happen to hear a bell tolling mournfully in the distance, you better start running!