Hippie Costumes

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Exclusive Darling Daisy Crown

Daisy Darling Do you know how long it takes to make a stellar flower crown? A long time, that's how long!

It's actually quite tedious. You have to forage for the right flowers, then you have to spend time trying to connect them all together without breaking their delicate stems.

By the time you're done, your fingers may have cramped up and your allergies may be kicking in. Still, your little girl wants a flower crown to top her 60s look for Halloween.

And who are you to deny her? This Darling Pink Daisy Crown is an effortless option that packs a big punch.

It even comes in her favorite colorpink! Design & Details This gorgeous hair accessory is Made by Us in our costume studio, and is designed for high impact, low maintenance style!

It features big pink blooms atop a soft, white headband that can easily be slipped on and off without breaking, unlike a crown of real daisies! Fresh Style We wouldn't be surprised if your little girl starts wearing this hippie-inspired headband with her everyday looks, well after Halloween has ended.

Lucky for her, this crown will stay fresh for as long as she cares to wear it!


Flower Child Girls Costume

She's ready for seasons in the sun. At least, we think she is!

She can show off that she's way into peace and love when she becomes a hippie in this Flower Child costume. With the iconic counterculture look of the 1960s, she'll be ready for a trip to San Francisco.

And she'll even have flowers to wear in her hair! When she becomes a throwback sensation as a groovy hippie, we're sure that she will enjoy her party or Halloween hangout all the more.

Whether she uses this costume to complete her group/family themed costume ensemble, or she just wants to be a retro character of her own creation, this detailed costume will let her achieve throwback status! Designed and made by us right here at HalloweenCostumes.

com, we created this costume to be a real blast from the past. An elegant and down-to-earth white dress has all of the styling cues of the flower power era.

Lace trim and wide bell sleeves will make her feel like a groovy hippie. A fringed faux leather vest completes the iconic ensemble, and of course there's a daisy headband to top off the look.

Complete her look with some throwback jewelry and a pair of radical sandals or moccasins, and she'll be ready for a trip through the history books!

Flower Child Women's Costume

Peace and Love Would-be time travelers pay attention! Wherever you go it's very important for you to blend into your surroundings so as not to alter history.

For that, you need the right look..

. We often wish we could go back in time.

If we could go anywhere, we'd go back to the 1960s. All the music, the psychedelic vibes, and hippie culture is truly exciting tofolks like us who would love to see what it was like before we were all buried in our phones 24/7!

Who wouldn't want to see theHaight-Ashbury district at its peak! Of course, we've spent a lot of time thinking about what kind of outfit would be perfect to wear, should we ever get our hands on a working time machine.


Our costume experts went to work, once again, to design the perfect costume to wear to the '60s and this is what they came up with, and we think it's exactly what we wanted! Design & Details This Flower Child costume is a women's outfit designed to make you feel right at home at Woodstock '69.

The costume comes with a white dress with lace trim and wide, billowing bell sleeves. A faux leather vest with fringe fits over the dress since no hippie costume is complete without a bit of fringe!

The flower headband adds the finishing touch since if you're going to San Francisco, you need to wear flowers in your hair (or so we're told anyway). Flower Child Costume So grab your acoustic guitar, and get ready to show the peace sign all the time because if you successfully travel back in time, this Flower Child outfit will blend right in!

Okay, so time travel is pretty unrealistic, but you're going to look great at any retro party or any hippie music festival in the summer.

Fortune Teller Costume for Men

Predicting the future isnt quite as easy as it looks. Those fortune tellers always just look at a crystal ball, which starts glowing with an ominous light and then BAM!

The fortune unfolds right before their eyes. Or sometimes they just toss a few cards out onto the table and a story of your life comes to life.

We tried that one, but were not quite sure what the 2 of diamonds is supposed to mean. The good news is that despite our complete and utter failure into the art of fortune telling, our costume designers spent many moons crafting outfits to help us non-clairvoyant people feel a little more in tune with the future.

They have created a unique costume based on the mystical arts of fortune telling. This Fortune Teller Costume for Men has a look reminiscent of those who used to scry the fates.

It comes with a paisley shirt, along with a faux suede vest. It also comes with a belt and sash that add a colorful pop to the outfit.

The headband really puts that really puts the finishing touch on the look. Now, when you head to the Renaissance Fair, youll look like someone who can see everything that awaits in the future, even if you can barely guess what day tomorrow is!

Just make sure you accessorize this costume with some glamorous jewelry to fully transform into a fortune teller from the days of old.

Hazy Hippie Men's Costume | 60s Mens Halloween Costume

The Past You missed out, man. The 60s were great.

You could let your hair grow all the way down to your butt and it was all cool, man. You could just walk barefoot to the park and listen to some psychedelic rock and roll, man.

You could, like, just feel the loving vibe floating through the air. And you could, like, just put on your shades and just chill.

You could even just hang out in the basement and put a good record on as you just melded in the guitar riffs that tickled your ears if you felt like it. Those were some groovy times, man.

If only there were, like, some kind of time machine But wait, man. Why does all that have to end?

You could, like, bring back the 60s, man. Whoa.

Like, thats a really great idea. You just need to start with a really cool and colorful outfit for a 60s mens Halloween costume, like this Hazy Hippie costume.

Design & Details The best part of this costume is its simplicity. It comes with just a shirt, but the shirt is packed full of details that any hippie would be proud to wear!

Its a loose fitting style that mimics the look of a traditional dashiki. The loose design makes it a comfortable choice for warm weather.

It also has purple floral patterns around the neck, along with green accents. The sleeves also feature purple and green designs.

The back of the shirt has a matching pattern to complete the look. That Haze is Purple, Man So, if you want to feel the chill vibes of the 60s today, then you just need this dashiki-style shirt.

You dont need a time machine, man, and you dont need tickets to Woodstock. You just need a mellow vibe and this purple hippie costume.


Hippie Girl's Costume

Peace, Love, & Candy Last month, your child had to do a school report on a historical decade. She picked the 60s, and guess what?

She's been obsessed ever since! Can you really blame her?

The 60s were pretty awesome. The music, the politics, the music, the energy, the musicwe agree that it's the best decade to relive!

She can become a beat poet, start a movement, or just hang in the grass and enjoy the beauty of the day in this decade-specific look! This Girl's Hippie Costume will appeal to her newfound historical knowledge and down-to-earth sensibilities.

She can stage a sit-in (NO class until recess is extended!), learn to play the guitar, plant a garden, or just go trick-or-treating in 60s style!

It's a laidback and totally groovy look, and wearing it will get her excited to share her knowledge about this storied historical decade! You could even find some retro candy brands popular in the 60s and she can hand them out to all her friends at school, along with flyers encouraging a protest for a later start to the school day.

Design & Details Made by Us to capture the magic of the era, this look is sure to help your gal get in touch with her inner flower child. The long-sleeved minidress fastens behind the neckand features flared bell sleeves and an iconic and colorful flower and peace sign allover print.

The attached vest panels have festive fringe accents and a perfect printed detail that adds color and fun. The headband matches the dress and the yellow peace sign necklace pops against the outfit!

Groovy Vibes Get ready to listen to her spout her reasons, passionately, for extending her bedtime; she's learned from the times that protesting authority can lead to change! However she spends her time in this retro costume, we're sure she'll enjoy the energy and iconic style this costume embodies.