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11 Inch LED Matte Black Halloween Skull Bottle Prop

Please Turn Your Attention to the Sommelier "Thank you, Jacques. Here you have before you a very special vintage.

Its grapes were harvested at midnight on All Hallows Eve under a full moon, just after a witch cursed the vineyard. It has been fermenting since last holiday and frequently has been known to glow eerily in the dead of night.

Anyway, who wants to try a glass?" Product Details Have the rarest bottle around when you display this 11 Inch Matte Black Halloween LED Skull Bottle!

The glass bottle is corked and contains an LED light which can be turned on and off via a switch. The black surface is etched with the image of a grinning skull.

This vinowill be a striking addition to your spooky decor!


12 Orange Decorative Halloween Pillow with Black and White Embroidery

Sleep Spooky What is better than a nice and comfy pillow? A cute, nice and cozy Halloween pillow, that's what!

We know if you are a Halloween fan you will scream for our12 Inch Orange Halloween Pillow with Black and White Embroidery. The embroidered details show the word Spooky written out in black and white with black webs and a black spider dangling in the corner orange throw pillow.

There are also little black frillies along the edge of this Halloween throw pillow. If you are in the need of some cute Halloween decor, then you have to pick up our12 Inch Orange Halloween Pillow with Black and White Embroidery.


13 Metal Jack O Lantern with Witch Hat and Bat Halloween Decoration

Hello, Halloween "Witch" pumpkin will be your jack-o-lantern for Halloween? This friendly little guy would be happy to step up.

This 13 Inch Metal Jack O Lantern W/Witch Hat and Bat is pleasantly spooky and, best of all, won't end the season by slowly becoming a pile of mush. The metal decoration is painted a shiny orange and features a whimsical jack-o-lantern face carved into the front.

It wears a shiny black polka-dotted witch hat with a curlicue crown that's trimmed with golden glitter. A black metal bat attached to a flexible wire flies from the top.


4-Inch Black Eyelash Fringe Pumpkin Decoration

An Eyelash Bash Eyelashes have never looked so creepy! Even on this cute little pumpkin, the eyelashes still give us the heebie-jeebies.

These pumpkins make for the perfect Halloween decor. Creep out kids on your doorstep, or place them all over the inside of your home and tell people it's part of your collection.

They will either laugh or run in terror, both good options on Halloween. If you are a Halloween buff or simply love decorating your house with scary accessories, you will scream for this4" Black Fringe Pumpkin!


7 Inch Black Eyelash Fringe Pumpkin

Pumpkin Fashion PSA Shag is back! All of the most fashion-forward gourds in the patch are taking a cue from the 1970s in the best possible way.

Smooth and orange is out. Fringe is in!

And everyone knows that black is a universally flattering color, besides being the shade of October spookiness! Product Details Update your Halloween decorations with this fabulous Black 7 Inch Eyelash Fringe Pumpkin!

The decorative gourd is creatively and stylishly decorated with black fringe for a fun avante-garde feel. A faux stem peeks out the top and is realistically molded and painted.


Black & White Striped Tights

Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring. Can we take a message?

Mhmm, okay, sounds good, we will let her know as soon as possible! Hey there, we just wanted to let you know that your legs called and they said they need something to keep them warm while you're out living it up in your newest Halloween costume.

These striped ones will do the trick, especially if you want to make a bold statement, without a huge investment. Whether you want to be maid, a witch, or an inmate, these tights are sure to add the finishing touches to your costume.

These tights are super cute, especially if they are paired with a comfy pair of heels and a little black tutu. When you are wearing these, you will be free to dance the night away, with no reservations about crafty warlocks trying to look up your skirt!

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