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1 oz Blood & Liquid Latex Duo Set

Bloody Well Done Its hard being a zombie, theres no doubt about that. The moaning and groaning wear on your voice after a while.

The slow, shambling gait means that it takes forever to get anywhere at all. The pieces of your body that rot and fall off are irreplaceable parts of yourself that you have grown and cherished over the course of a lifetime.

So, with all that stress in their day-to-day un-life, what zombie needs to worry about not having their makeup just right? None of them do, thats who.

No rotting monster deserves the extra stress of not having the look that they want as they slowly move in a shuffling mass of witless undead. All that stress leads to stress-eating brains like theres no tomorrow, and that is just bad all around.

Effort Not in Vein Thats why we have invented this 1 oz Blood and Liquid Latex Duo pack. When you are stressed about having a face thats too smooth, or not enough blood on the outside of your undead cadaver, use this!

It will give you that perfect, rotting-corpse look that you want, with none of the hassle of having to rot for years in the sun yourself. It just makes sense!


1/2 Gallon Jug of Blood

Blood Bath So, we're going to level with you. There are only a fewreliable ways to come by a full jug of blood.

A few are very gruesome ways that you would expect (which we won't outline here), but let's just say that they are quite..

.involved (not to mention illegal).

But the very best, least messy, and most legal and gentle way to go about obtaining a large quantity of blood is to simply nab this Half Gallon Jug of Blood! Trust us,there is nothing that real blood can do that this stand-in can't!

And in a handy jug that keeps it stored nicely, this product is bound to make your Halloween dreams and nightmares come true! Design & Details There are so many uses for fake blood at Halloween!

Perhaps you want to be a vampire or a zombie back from the dead. Maybe you are wanting to impersonate an on-screen serial killer or a deranged killer clown.

Or perhaps you simply want to use this blood to spatter on your porch, windows, and mirrors to create an eerie haunted house effeect. However you use this 64-ounces of vibrant red, realistic fake blood, it'll be a scream!


10ft Looming Ghoul Archway Animated Prop

Scaring is Caring There is only one night a year when scaring the living daylights out of your nearest and dearest is considered a kind and considerate thing to do Halloween! On Halloween, people want to live in another world, one of ghosts, ghouls, goblins, and sure, gobs and gobs of candy.

So do the generous thing this year. Simply deck out your doorway in this Looming Ghoul Animated Archway Prop and your Halloween party will start out on the right mangled foot, immediately.

You know what they say about first impressions, after all. They are everything!

This decoration doesn't let your guests get a second of peace once they arrive at your door they will know it promises to be all fright, all night. Awww.

That's so sweet of you. What a good friend you are!

Design & Details Both clever and creepy, this decoration declares your doorway a portal into the realm of terror. It's a sturdy metal frame with printed curtains draped inside and a ghastly ghoul on top.

The printed curtains say "Enter If You Dare" atop the image of an old, creaky door. The frame creates the ghoul's tall spindly legs, and when activated, the creature's eyes light up, its torso rocks, and its mouth moves as it speaks 5 different spooky phrases!


12 Resin Mummy On LED Pumpkin Figure

Mummy Business Sure, the ancient Egyptians probably didn't go trick-or-treating or carve gourds with scary faces, but the undead mummies enjoy a spooky celebration just as much as the next ghoul. This 12 Inch Resin Mummy on LED Pumpkin Arrow Figure features a well-wrapped mummy sitting nonchalantly on top of a smiling orange pumpkin, bony hands crossed over one knee.

The pumpkin lights up with a touch of the button, making this an extra fun decoration! Two chains attached to the mummy's shoulders let you hang this unique figure from a standard arrow mount.


13 Days of Scary Socks Box Set

This is a 13 Days of Scary Socks Horror Icons Box Set.

3 Pack Flashing Peeping Sound-Activated Eyes Light Prop

Eye Spy Do you ever get that scary feeling that someone is watching you..

.or maybe several someones?

You get a creepy-crawly sensation at the back of your neck, and tingles running up your spine. You might turn around and see no one at all - or you might catch sight of several spooky snoops!

Product Details Jeepers creepers, this 3 Pack Sound-Activated Flashing Peeping Eyes are just what you need to complete your Halloween decorations! Each set includes a pair of brown, red, and green-pupiled eyes, that flash and make eerie sounds!