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Inflatable Mischief Maker

It Happened One Christmas A pet seems like the perfect holiday present for a loved one. But is it really?

Pets are cute, often furry, and very playful, but they do have some downsides. Training them to use the yard can take a really long time.

They frequently chew up your slippers, homework, and other belongings if left unattended. They may learn to beg while you're eating.

And of course there's the fact that if you feed it after midnight, it will turn into a monster. Product Details Stir up trouble and excitement when you wear this fun Mischief Maker Inflatable Costume!

Made of sturdy fabric, the bodysuit fastens up the back and features a small attached fan to keep it fully inflated. The sleeves and back of the outfit are brown, while the gtorso and legs are white.

The attached foot covers are pink and are designed to look like feet. The headpiece has a viewing port so that you can see where you're going and is printed with mischievous facial features and sewn with oversized ears.

Ho Ho..

. Oh No Don't wait for the holidays to try on this costume - pull it out any time you want to make your friends laugh and wreak a little friendly havoc.

As long as you don't get wet or trash the town, you'll be just fine. And remember not to eat after midnight!

It won't turn you into a monster, but it might affect your digestion, which will make you feel as crabby as a monster.