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Inuyasha Kirara Beanie

Demons Days Demons cause a lot of problems for humans. You got your Naraku-types, who are trying to manipulate things behind the scenes.

You've got Sesshomaru, who will stop at nothing to get stronger. And you've got the goofballs like Jaken, who might seem harmless, but can be just as troublesome as the more menacing demons out there.

Finally, you have the entire army of strange demons looking to get their hands on the Shikon Jewel! That's why the world needs trustworthy demon hunters to keep the order.


and every demon hunter needs a good sidekick! Kirara acts as Songo's sidekick during the Inuyasha series, and hangs around with Setsuna later on.

Now, Kirara can be your demon hunting pal when you wear this Inuyasha Kirara Beanie Product Details Whether you're making your own casual Inuyasha cosplay or you just want to keep your head warm while you battle against demons,t his Inuyasha beanie is the perfect choice. The hat is made out of knitted acrylic and has a fleece lining for comfort.

The hat has yarn tassels on each side and comes with embroidered features on the front. Just toss it on and you'll feel a bit like Songo!


Inuyasha: Plush Kirara 12.5 Inch Bag

Cat Carrier Wouldnt it be great if your cat could do a bit more than knock over your potted plants and bring you dead mice? Maybe they could learn a few things from Kirara.

That mythological kitty is a great help! All she needs is a promise of treats, and shell transport her companions wherever they need to go.

Goodness, when her friends are sad, Kirara even lets them rest on her larger form for comfort! And as fantastic as your kitty is, theyre not up for carrying the necessities or dressing up with you on Halloween.

Luckily, this Inuyasha: Kirara Plush Bag is! Product Description Complete your Inuyasha-themed costume with this officially licensed costume accessory!

This 12.5-inch plush version of Kirara features a large zippered pocket on the back so you can store your essentials.

Whether traveling to a Halloween party or on a journey to restore a new mythical relic, the length-adjustable shoulder straps can be fit for your comfort. And while this little Kirara isnt quite big enough for you to curl up on, its fiber-filled body does work as a substitute pillow, so you could rest your head.

A Load Off After years of transporting Inuyasha and company on their quest to collect every piece of the Sacred Jewel, lighter loads and a chance to attend costume parties or shopping trips while being carried instead must be a relief. Let Kirara enjoy a lowkey retirement with you when you bring this Kirara Plush Bag home!


Kirara Cat Plush 9 from Inuyasha

Identifying a Demon One of the most useful talents for anyone who finds themselves wandering the world of a mystical feudal land is being able to spot the supernatural from a distance. That's a skill that apparently comes easily for those who just happen to be reincarnations of mighty priestesses.


but, for the rest of us, there is more work to be done. Some demons might have really creepy eyes.

Some are covered in fur. And others might seem to have confounding desires or baleful howls.

Of course, the careful reader will note that we just described an everyday cat as well as a mysterious monster! So, what is a wise wanderer to do!

? The first step is to familiarize yourself with some of the kindly and cuddly demonic creatures around the world.

Once you've got those in your grasp, figuring out the rest of the foes will be a snap! Product Details Fortunately, we've got a few friends that we're happy to introduce you to that will help your adventure along the way.

Take a look at this officially licensedInuYasha Kirara Cat Plushie! This 9-inch stuffed animal is an inspired replica of the companion of some of your favorite demon hunters.

This adorable stuffed toy has faux fur with all the bright and animated details to give life to this little guy. From what we can tell, our Plush Kirara has no ability to change into the full tiger form, either, so you won't have to work hard to find a perfect spot that Kirara can call home.


Necklace Inuyasha

Sit Boy! Inuyasha.


isn't always a ray of sunshine. He's great at starting (and ending) fights with demons, but being nice isn't one of his strengths.

He can be argumentative, grumpy, and sometimes just downright mean. Those are all pretty useful traits to have when evil demons show up to take the Shikon Jewel, but not so much when you're just trying to enjoy lunch with your friends or gather information from the locals.

That's why it's good to have a little ace in your sleeve! With two simple words, you can stop Inuyasha right in his tracks.

Is he being exceptionally rude to some kindly villagers who are trying to help you? Sit boy!

Is he picking a fight with Koga, yet again? Sit boy!

The uses are endless! Product Details Okay, okay.

So, maybe this Inuyasha Necklace isn't infused with magical powers like the one from the anime series. (We haven't actually tested it out.

) It does, however, look just like the necklace worn by Inuyasha, making it a clear addition to any Inuyasha cosplay outfit. It features plenty of small, spherical beads with 8 fang-shaped beads spread in-between.

Just toss it around your neck and get to adventuring!