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11-Inch Metal Jack 'O Lantern Halloween Decoration

Homey Halloween Halloween was made for home. This season is all about getting cozy and creative.

The wind starts howling outside and we humans gather around the fireside to tell spooky stories that'll get us ready for the chilly days ahead. As the nights get colder, we fire up our ovens and make the last of the year's garden goodies into sweet confections like caramel apples and pumpkin bars.

Instead of fearing the winter ahead, we celebrate the coming dark! We decorate our halls with pieces that stir our imaginations, making us think about the curious and sometimes creepy side of life.

That's what this metal pumpkin is all about. Ditch the downright scary and welcome guests with this cozy and peculiar pumpkin!

Product Details Just under a foot tall, this pumpkin works for indoor or outdoor displays. The golden accessories on the witch's hat and fancy spectacle make this jack-o-lantern fit right in with elegant decor while the metal material would look right at home next to your pumpkins from the patch.

With just the right amount of magical charm, this pumpkin witch is just the piece to make your Halloween visitors feel at home. Now, what was that about pumpkin bars?


12 Light Up Large Realistic Pumpkin Prop

Let There Be Pumpkins One of the best parts of Halloween is seeing all of the crazy costume fads that come and go like falling leaves. One year everyone might be dressing as Harley Quinn (and it's still an awesome outfit!

) while the next, all the couples are wearing matching Scarlet Witch and Vision getups. While costume crazes come and go, one Halloween fad stays popular every year: the Jack-o-lantern!

The holiday just wouldn't be the same without this guy's friendly smile or spooky scowl lit from within by a glowing candle. Product Details This Large Realistic 12" Light-Up Pumpkin is a sweetly classic way to decorate for fall!

Although it can be fun to scour the pumpkin patch for a large gourd, this pumpkin is ready to use year after year. No need to break out the butcher knives or dig out the messy, seedy glop because it comes pre-carved with two eyes, a triangle nose, and a cheerful snaggletoothed grin.

You can put away your candle too - the lightbulb inside is less of a fire hazard and sheds a warm glow over the pumpkin's features.

16 Inch Dancing Light Up Jack-O-Lantern With Sound

Dancing Lights Guiding the children to your house to get their candy is not as simple as it sounds. For one, everyone knows that going to an old witchs house in the middle of the smoky forest is a terrible idea, no matter how much gingerbread she has outside her house.

So, what can you do if you are one of the kind old witches who just wants to give away some treats? You can make your decorations be the cutest little things that you can imagine, while also lighting up enough to let them find you through the mist.

That is a tall order, particularly because you will have to make them out of things that you can find laying around a homestead in the middle of the woods! Maybe a pumpkin or two, and whats left of a scarecrow, and a lot of love.

Perfect! That is just the 16 Light Up Dancing Jack-O-Lantern w/Sound you were going for!

Jack, the Pumpkin Prince If you want to have a cute and creepy ornament for yourself, but you dont want to make your own from what you can scrounge, then this is for you! This sixteen-inch-tall decoration dances and waves its wand while looking adorable in its little black robe.

Spread some joy to your neighbors by displaying this little guy!

28-Inch Electric Pumpkin Stack with Sound & Floating Bubbles Decoration

Bubble, Bubble, Halloween Trouble! Uh, oh!

It's nearly Halloween, and you've put off decorating until the very last minute. We'll try to set aside our judgment of the situation and instead, jump in to help (even though we'd like to add that forgetting to decorate for Halloween is not OK).

Alright, well, now that that's off our chest, let's focus on what's important making your house Halloween ready! In a case like this, you need to go big and opt for decor that packs a punch.

ThisElectric Lighted Pumpkin Stack with Sound & Floating Bubbles is a perfect pick to get you moving in the right direction. It's a playful piece that's on-theme for the holiday, and it features fun surprises that will engage your visitors from the get-go.

No one will know you left your Halloween decorating until the last minute..

.phew, thank goodness!

Design & Details This stack of 3 molded pumpkins sits 28 inches tall, and can be used either indoors for a fun entryway option or right at your front door on a covered porch (just don't let it get wet). You can fill this stack up with bubble solution and it will spew playful bubbles while turned on.

It also has twinkly lights inside!


7 LED Orange Resin Jack O Lantern Arrow Figure

This is a7 Inch Orange Resin LED Jack O Lantern Arrow Figure.

Adult Classic Pumpkin Costume

So you want a costume that really says Halloween for this years festivities? You want something thats memorable, an instant classic?

Hmmmmmm. Well, we dont think you could go wrong with this Classic Pumpkin Costume for adults.

Its simple, its cute, its everything that youre looking for in a Halloween costume! Everyone loves a good ole fashion Jack-o-Lantern.

People literally go out of their way every year to hunt down the perfect pumpkin, their very own pumpKING, among an abundance of awkwardly shaped orange lumps. Once one is found that they can deem worthy, it is brought home, emptied of its innards, and carved up into a uniquely designed decoration.

Its a tradition as old as time that everyone enjoys and even passes down to their children to ensure that the custom will be continued for generations to come. So we think its safe to say that when you enter the party scene wearing this Classic Pumpkin Costume, youll be and instant crowd favorite!

Everyone will be reminded of the good times theyve spent carving their own jack-o-lantern after a single look at you in this awesome costume. Throw on a black long-sleeve with a matching pair of spandex and this tunic will transform you into a festive decoration that puts a smile on everyones face.

The only smile bigger than the ones on your friends faces is the one printed on the front of this tunic. Have a timeless Halloween costume that brings out the holiday spirit in everybody when you grab this Classic Pumpkin Costume.

It will be the perfect go-to costume for years to come!