Jango Fett

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Deluxe Jango Fett Blaster

When you want to take down a bit bounty, you need a big hunter. Youre not going to pick someone youve never heard of.

You want a real hunter, solid genetics. Someone that if, say, a group of people wanted to create a clone army might have been the principle subject.

They also note that you can recognize a significant player in the world of heroics or villainy by the equipment for which they are known. You know King Arthur by the singing sword.

You know Bilbo by his magic ring and Sting. So, it follows that any bounty hunter worth mentioning should also have a signature weapon!

Were of course speaking of the notorious bounty hunter in a galaxy far, far away who fired blasts while jetpacking through the air and you can step into the same rolejet pack or nowith this Deluxe Jango Fett Blaster. This white and orange plastic gun looks exactly like the blaster Jango might have used, but it has a secret bonus.

While firing at your imaginary (or even your real) targets, you wont have to burn all your hunting energy shouting out your pew-pews! because the blaster will do it for you!

Firing off authentic sounding movie blaster sounds at each trigger pull, astound friends and enemies when you pull this epic blaster out of your cloak.

Deluxe Jango Fett Helmet

Being a successful bounty hunter in the Star Wars galaxy sounds like tough work. Not only could your target end up being a particularly irate Wookie, or have a pack of vicious gundarks guarding their hideout, but at some point you'll probably have to deal with other mercenaries, too.

There's no second place prize for bounty hunting, after all. If you run into the master hunter Jango Fett, though, we recommend just getting out of his way.

And maybe apologizing for bothering him. When you're dressing up as a legendary intergalactic gun-for-hire, you'd better have the right headgear for the job!

This officially licensed Deluxe Jango Fett Helmet is perfect for your Mandalorian mercenary costume, and will keep any amateur league bounty hunters out of your way. The molded plastic full head helmet looks just like the one Jango wears in Attack of the Clones, and features a see-thru visor and detachable targeting antenna.

Bounty hunting is tough, but when you're wearing this wicked helmet, it'll be just another day on the job!

Jango Fett Blaster & Holster Set

When you are the best bounty hunter in the whole darn galaxy, chances are you will be packing some heat. Whether you are working for Jabba the Hutt or Count Dooku, you need to protect yourself, your client, and -- more importantly -- your client's money.

When you are Jango Fett, that heat is in the form of a holster with two blaster guns. These guns make real blasting sounds, too!

Hey -- Jedi's aren't the only ones who can have cool sound effects! Of course, speaking of Jedi, stay far away from them.

Engaging in a fight with a light saber wielding Jedi is never a good idea unless you have an obvious advantage. If you get distracted by a rampaging reek, you may just lose your head.


Jango Fett Costume for Kid's

Can you imagine being cloned thousands of times? Every visit back to Kamino, you go in to their cloning facility and you're like "Whoa, there's a bunch more of me.

" It's enough to rattle anyone. Well, anyone except Jango Fett.

Why? Because he's awesome, that's why.

And handsome, which makes sense because if you're going to have to look at thousands upon thousands of yourself, you want to look pretty good. Clean shaven, neat haircut, the works.

And so the clone army was born, all from one dude. One handsome, awesome, butt-kicking dude.

Jango Fett even nearly killed Obi-Wan Kenobi! That's how incredible he is.

So if you're ever getting yourself a clone army, whether for galactic domination or just to tackle your chores, consider Jango Fett. And now you can be Jango Fett too!

Suit up, strap on Jango's Mandalorian armor and helmet and get ready to fight. Wherever Fett goes, trouble is sure to follow, so it's best if you're ready for anything.

Sure, it can't legally come with a rocket launcher, or a jet pack, or blasters, but just the very sight of that sweet sweet armor will send your enemies running for the hills. Because they know Jango is seriously awesome too!

Everyone does. The next thing you know, you're a professional bounty hunter, grabbing whoever has the highest price on their head and not taking no for an answer.

How do you do it? How do you stay so tough and strong?

You work hard, eat right, study up on your bounties so you're always there at the right time and right place until you get the chance to freeze them in carbonite (technically that comes much later, but you know what we mean).

Jango Fett Deluxe Costume

It is a well known fact Boba Fett is one of the coolest rouges in the galaxy but where did he get his cool? From his "father" Jango no less.

He too was a bounty hunter that traveled the stars collecting the worst of the worst for the Hutts or who ever else would pay him top dollar. Then one day he was asked to use his DNA to make a clone army which he couldn't pass up.

One of his conditions? A cloned son that wasn't altered to become a super soldier so he could raise his own cool bounty hunter.

Now you can become Boba's dad in this great Star Wars costume.

Jango Fett One-Piece Collector's Helmet

Jango Fett: legendary Mandalorian warrior, infamous bounty hunter, loving dad??

Although, technically his son (Boba Fett, whose name may ring a bell) was his clone, Jango raised him like a son. He taught him all of his tricks so that one day Boba would be as great a bounty hunter as he was.

Who better to carry on his legacy than..

. himself?

Jango's armor is as memorable as the sly mercenary who wore it, so if you're dressing up like the elder Fett, we recommend this Jango Fett Collectible Helmet to look the most like him! It's collectible quality molded vinyl, so it's more durable and detailed than a less expensive costume helmet.

While it may not be as tough as actual Mandalorian headgear, it looks just as intimidating. And when you're not dressed in your costume, you can wear it with your regular work outfit to keep your coworkers on their toes, just like how Papa Fett would have trained little Boba!