Jimi Hendrix

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Jimi Hendrix Adult Hat

So you fancy yourself a guitar player? We wish we could play the guitar.

So far, based on a quick survey in the break room, we only have a few very skilled air guitarists. No one who actually knows how to play the instrument.

Which is a shame, because we wanted to start a company band. But there's no musical guitar skills here.

But you? Maybe you have guitar skills.

Some crazy, electric guitar skills that send people into ecstatic fits to hear you play. Maybe you're so smooth glass gets jealous.

So skilled that guitars wince when you pick them up. Maybe you're like a rock 'n roll god, and you just don't know it yet.

Maybe you're the next Jimi Hendrix. And if you are the next Jimi Hendrix, then you better look the part.

For instance, you could try a crazy riff while wearing this Jimi Hendrix Adult Hat. It's faux suede with a silver chain and purple fabric around the crown.

Put this on and, even if you're not quite as good as Hendrix, you'll at least look like a rockstar.

Jimi Hendrix Costume Scarf

There are plenty of rock stars whose personal fashion has become genuinely iconic. Of those stylish stars, though, how many have made as good use of a scarf as Jimi Hendrix did?

Precious few, we can say that for sure. Along with his bandana, his bell-bottoms, and, of course his head of hair, Jimis psychedelic paisley scarf was one of his most recognizable pieces of flair, something trippy enough to suit the era and also elegant enough to identify a man who went the extra mile to look sharp.

You cant say that about just every guitar god. This officially licensed replica of a classic Jimi Hendrix scarf adds a splash of classic rock to any ensemble, whether youre dressing as Jimi himself or anybody from his era.

Made from polyester challis fabric, this eye-catching scarf measures 40 inches square and features a classic paisley print on a purple background. Jimi Hendrix may be an eternal icon of the 1960s, but his look lives on beyond the bounds of any era.

And when it comes right down to it, isnt that exactly what you want out of a rock star?

Jimi Hendrix Deluxe Jacket Costume for Men | Jimi Hendrix Costume

The Legend of Rock Playing guitar is hard. Like, really hard.

Trust us..

. it takes years of dedicated practice and a bit of innate talent to wow a crowd with your amazing guitar skills.

We had a hard time just trying to learn "Smoke on the Water." Jimi Hendrix makes it look super-easy, but that's because he's a true rock legend.

If you plan on matching Jimi's talent, then it's time to head to the music shop to set yourself up with an electric guitar, but if you just want to incorporate the rock star's iconic fashion sense to your wardrobe, then all you need is this Jimi Hendrix jacket costume. The coat recreates the look of the Hussars military jacket that he often wore.

It's a great start for any Jimi Hendrix costume. Design & Details Inspired by the greatest guitarist of all-time, this Men's Jimi Hendrix Deluxe Jacket Costume will have you looking gig-ready in no time.

The black jacket has red lining, with plenty of gold detailing on the exterior. It also has a layer of faux fur material around the edge to help you stand out on stage.

The coat has the aura of psychedelic bandleader from the 60s, so even if your guitar skills can't quite match Jimi's, you'll feel confident when you break into your first song! The Legend of Style Of course, this Hendrix jacket costume won't grant you the musical talent of a rock legend, but it might inspire you to put on a show of your own!

We recommend pairing this costume up with a toy guitar accessory or one of our many hats. After all, Jimi wasn't just known for his amazing guitar skillshe was also known for his wild style sense.

Then, it's all about planning the next Woodstock!