Jurassic World Costumes

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Adult Jurassic World Deluxe T-Rex Mask

One second you're trying to enjoy your velociraptor-flavored cotton candy at Jurassic World, the next, you're being chased by a giant dinosaur who wants to snack on you. If you really want to walk around a dino-themed park in safety, you should disguise yourself as the king of all dinosaurs with this T-Rex mask.

Your arms with opposable thumbs might be a total giveaway to the smarter dinosaurs, but the most of them will mistake you for a vicious Tyrannosaurus Rex! (Note: we haven't tested this theory, so you may want to try tricking your friends into thinking you're a dinosaur before you try this at Jurassic Park).


Jurassic World 2 T-Rex Child Costume

A Jurassic Predator Well, hello, we meet again. The long running Jurassic Park/Jurassic World franchise is back with another movie in 2018.

And that means something pretty important. We're going to need a T-Rex!

Your child can be a mighty Jurassic predator, and rule Halloween as an all-time favorite. Have them practice their roar, and suit 'em up in this detailed costume.

We can't say exactly what kind of adventure they're going to have as a T-Rex, but we're guessing it's going to be mighty ferocious and fun. Just like in the movies!

Costume Details This Child Jurassic World 2 T-Rex Costume is officially licensed from the latest movie.Styled as a hooded jumpsuit, and it's fully printed with dino detail complete with a Jurassic World logo on the side.

A plush tail is attached in the back and it's stuffed with fiberfill. Boot covers are attached, and they fit over his or her shoes with an elastic band under the foot.

Just have them flip up the plush hood to complete the costume effect. The soft-sculpted dinosaur face sits on top of the head and with big eyes, teeth, and a snout, it will have them ready to give a mighty roar!

Fun at the Movies Movies are, like, seriously our jam. And we've been all about Jurassic Park/Jurassic World seemingly forever.

So, if you're a movie fan like us, stock up on dinosaur costumes this year, or if it's another movie you have in mind, shop for those, too. We've got tons of top selections from movies new and old, and everything to make sure your costume fun is the best it can be!