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Big Top Evil Clown Horror Keychain

Problem Status: Solved Losing keys or grabbing the wrong ones is a real problem. When everyone is carrying a lanyard or a generic clip, it's too easy to pick up someone else's fob by mistake.

There's a simple way to fix this issue, and it doesn't involve anything more high-tech than a good scare! Product Details Warn people away from your keys using this Big Top Clown Horror Keychain Accessory!

The bronze-tone metal accessory is shaped like a balding clown's head. It wears a ruff and a round nose, and its fangs are bared in a horrifying snarl.

It comes attached to a matching o-ring to which you can attach your keys and fobs. Yikes!

Bring some old-fashioned horror to your accessories this Halloween with a killer clown emblem! No one will want to swipe your set with this clown guarding it - the question is, willyou want to pick it up?


Horror Bloodlust Keychain

Key to All-Day Horror Are your house keys just a little too..

. ordinary?

Do you find yourself not being sufficiently terrified when you unlock doors? Do you wish that you could carry a horror movie villain with you at all times?

Well, we understand. We like to be absolutely terrified at all moments, which is why we bring you this Bloodlust Horror Keychain.

Just one look at it is enough to make anyone shudder! Product Details This Bloodlust Horror Keychain is the perfect way to give yourself the creeps on a daily basis.

The keychain has a simple keyring, perfect for fitting all of your keys, house keys, car keys, or even random keys you find laying around in an old haunted house. Of course, the real treat to this keychain is the pendant, which is molded into the shape of a hideous, bloodthirsty vampire (not the handsome, heartthrob kind of vampire).


Horror Carnivore Keychain


. You'll never confuse your keys for someone else's when you add this Carnivore Horror Keychain to your key ring.

You won't lose them in your purse or pocket either, because nothing else is quite the same shape as this creepy-faced carnivore. He's made of metal made so he's made to last and won't melt or warp even in the hottest of cars.

Is he a zombie? An unwrapped mummy?

A ghoul? Make up your own story and terrify your friends when they ask where he came from.

Add a mini flashlight and shine it behind his blank eyes on dark nights for an extra bit of scare.

Horror Frightmare Keychain

More Fear, Please! Is your life just a little too calm?

Does your life need some extra fear in it? Want to feel some spine-tingling fright each and every time you bust out your house keys to unlock the door?

Well, then..

. maybe it's time you did something about it.

Do we have the perfect accessory for your everyday life! This Frightmare Horror Keychain turns the simple tasks of unlocking doors into an exercise of pure terror.

Simply attach keys and feel the fear! Product Details This keychain is an Oktober Studio design and is crafted out of metal.

It has an aged, bronze tone to help give it a vintage look and feel. The keychain itself is shaped like a hideous monster, inspired by classic horror movie villains.

Just one look at it gives us the creeps! It measures 1.

5 inches tall and comes with a small keyring, which will for your house keys and car keys.

Horror Visitor Keychain

If You Know, You Know The visitors are on their way, and you'll probably need a way to identify yourself as an ally. Keep it in portable form so you have it whenever they choose to appear with this Horror Visitor Keychain.

This little bit of metal features a creepy alien face so detailed you might think he's staring right at you. Keep him on your favorite bag, with your keys, or on a chain around your neck, because you never know if/when First Contact is about to happen.

Get ready to beam up and travel the stars during your first encounter.

Horror Wolfman Keychain

This is aWolfman Horror Keychain.