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Adult Kirby Inflatable Costume

Kirby! Spit Them Out!

Kirby gets its power by sucking in enemies and honing their power. This manifests in some pretty cool ways.

Kirby can become a big spike ball, an Looney-Tunes-esque anvil, a big 'ol mallet. So of course, the squishy-lookin' pink thing packs quite a punch in a pinch.

What would you eat if you were Kirby? We would munch on chicken wings and see if we sprouted wings -- you know, for flying -- or we would eat a computer and see if we became an android.


.Now that we have thought of it, don't tell Kirby about that idea.

Kirby would simply be too powerful. Design & Details What's that?

You would eat yourself if you were Kirby? OK, now you're just being egotistical.


Might be a good bit at the next costume party, though! As a matter of fact, check out this Adult Kirby Inflatable Costume we just stocked.

With the right details prepped, you could tell a pretty cool story about being eaten by Kirby at the next costume party. Snag some muted pants and shoes to let the rest of the costume really pop and you'll be set.

A few words of advice, though. One: don't try eating a computer, especially if you are a guest at someone else's costume party.

Two: don't try eating other people, because this costume is meant for only one human at a time. Three: erm, maybe size up the door frames before you plan your route to the snack table, lest you embarrass yourself trying to squeeze into a space that's not so Kirby friendly.