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18 Round Prop Shield

So, you've decided to be a knight errant, bound for adventures in the kingdom! And who wouldn't be all about that life?

Daring quests for honor, fierce battles against tyrant usurpers and dangerous magical creatures, exhilarating castle-storming to save beautiful maidens from evil wizards, brave crusades across the wide and narrow sea to find sacred chalices (and to maybe do a little sunbathing after you've safety landed along the beaches of France..

.after all, you're a knight errant, not a machine)!

And that's just your day schedule..

.we don't even have time to talk about all the mead-drinking, merry-making, and maiden-wooing you'll be doing at night!

Buuuuuut it's probably not a good idea to wander into field battles and dark dungeons and enchanted forests all willy-nilly without any form of protection against your enemies. That's where this Round Shield comes in handy!

It's based on the buckler shields used in during the Medieval era, so you'll look ready to tackle any foe in your path. Just slide your non-writing arm into the 2 arms straps on the back and you're ready to defend your precious bod against any foe (or friend who turns out to be a foe, as often seems to happen in when the times are medieval)!


3 Piece Crusader Prop Weapon Set

You may think that youre ready to lead an army on the battlefield or storm the castle or fight the fire-breathing dragon, and we believe you, with a war face like that but we dont want you running off on any adventures without the proper equipment! Even with the best suit of armor out there, youll be kind of useless with no weaponry.

So make arming yourself easy this Halloween when you add this 3 Piece Crusader Set to your costume. It comes with just about everything you need for battle: the classic shield and sword combo as well as a handy battle-axe.

You know what they say the more weapons the better! So dont stop with this amazing 3 piece set, take a look through the rest of our weaponry as well and make yourself the most feared soldier in any battle!

Whether you have a holy war to fight or a party to crash, this accessory set will be a perfect addition to any knight costume.

47 Sword Toy Weapon

Are you tired of having to slay imaginary orcs with your Little League bat? Sick of pretending that your yardstick is the legendary Excalibur?

Embarrassed that you're the only one in your LARPing group who has to use a pool noodle as a stand in a sword made of Valerian Steele? How embarrassing!

It's enough to make any self-respecting Dungeons-and-Dragons-playing, Lord-of-the-Rings-reading, Game-of-Thrones-watching battle enthusiast want to hang up his embrodiered velvet cloak in resignation. Time to rest easy, friend, because your long nightmare of make-believe is finally over!

With this 47" Sword, you don't have to use sub-par props in your important dragon-slaying business. With it's highly realistic look, you can easily step into a new realm of imaginary quests, all while earning the respect of both yourself and others!

Feel the weight of it in the palm of your hand..

.test it with a smooth slice through the air.


and then ask others to kindly step aside as you challenge that jerk Donovan to a duel! That guy was always ragging on you about your costume.


and now that you have this sword, the time has come to avenge your honor and cut him down to size! Excalibur!

(Right? That's what you say, when you're about to do something really cool with a sword?

It's been a while since we've been able to hang at Medieval Times with our D&D crew, so we've kind of forgot some stuff).

Adult Knight Helmet Hat

So you think you're interested in joining the knight's watch? Well, this isn't a game, boy!

Here are a few things you should know: 1.Becoming a knight typically takes about fourteen years, seven years as a page and seven as a squire.

(But you can become a knight a click of a button). 2.

Knights jousted at sixty miles per hour (you'd definitely want a helmet for that!).

3.Full Plate Armour weighs about fifty pounds (ours is plastic, and weighs much less).

Is that enough of a pitch for ya? We have to think that this helmet accessory is the perfect way to complete your medieval costume.

Just remember: it's a prop. So you don't actually want to go hopping into battle.

But for all other costume purposes? Yup, this knight helmet hat is the ticket!


Batman Grappling Hook - Adult, Kids Batman Costume Accessories

You know what turns an ordinary Thursday into a day youll never forget? A grappling hook, thats what!

Think about the last time you saw a grappling hook..

.its been awhile, huh?

We guess it may have even been the last time you watched Batman do his thing on the big screen. That makes this accessory rare and remarkable and totally unique!

Not to mention that carrying this Batman Grappling Hook means that instead of just driving home to your cat after work next Thursday, you can go out into Gotham on an adventure, scaling tall buildings and catching criminals! Of course, you could also just use it to spruce up your Batman costume this Halloween.

No matter to us! The licensed Dark Knight accessory measures 8" long and features a black, molded handle.

The gold hook has three prongs and a black Batman logo on each one, so you can swing into action and strike out on adventure in superstyle with this terrifically authentic toy!

Battle Sword - Standard

Shiny Not Showoff-y Youre a knight in shining armor. You dont need extra flashy accessories to get peoples attention.

Walk into your castle or a village Halloween party, and your brilliance blinds people. Any more polish or dazzle, and youd just be a showoffnot great when you want the kingdom to respect your skills and recruit your services.

Thats why when your previous sword was shattered in a toy weapon battle last Halloween and you were offered a shimmering blade with a bejeweled hilt as an apology, you had to decline. Product Description Ensure youre still ready for battles against imaginary dragons or fearsome warlocks with this Standard Battle Sword!

The simple Halloween costume accessory is precisely the style your glittering armor should be paired with. The lightweight silver-colored blade and golden hilt are molded from plastic.

A ribbed detail, colored like dark leather, is paired with a single faux gem for an honorable dash of elegance in the hilt as well. Standard Requirements Guarantee your knights armor is the star of the show with this Standard Battle sword that complements but doesnt overpower.

Whether youre attending a grand costume ball or leading a royal army of tiny trick-or-treaters through the neighborhood, this costume accessory is required gear!