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Batman 14 Bat Signal Projector

Batman to the Rescue When trouble descends upon Gotham and villains disturb the peace with their sinister plans, who ya gonna call? You could try enlisting any number of heroes, but the one who is truly best for the job is the hero Gotham needs, not the one it deserves.

He's not reachable by cell phone, so the best way to get ahold of him for some day-saving derring-do is via a giant spotlight lit up with his personal emblem. It'll get his attention in a hurry!

Product Details DC fans, rejoice! This officially licensed Batman 14-Inch Bat Signal Projector is a fantastic way to add some Batman flair to your own personal batcave.

When plugged in, the projector casts a yellow light circle with a Batman shadow in the middle on a nearby surface. Best of all, you don't have to wait for an emergency to use it.


Genie Lamp - Black

Black Magic Decor If you are a decorator looking to add a bit of Arabian flair to your office or living room, you should check out our Genie Black Lamp, exclusively made by us. The lamp is small enough to fit in your hand, so it won't be cumbersome on a coffee table or sitting next to your laptop.

Bring a little luck to your life and check out our exclusiveGenie Black Lamp.

Light Up LED Pumpkin Lamp

In the Dark of the Night The shadows seem darker than usual on Halloween night. Anything could be lurking in the gloom, waiting to catch you unprepared.

Well, the joke's on them, because you're never unprepared thanks to your festive and colorful lantern! It'll make the witching hour seem cheerfully bright.

Product Details Light your way with this exclusive Light Up LED Pumpkin Lantern Decoration! The styrofoam prop has a black frame shaped like an old-fashioned hurricane lantern and a handle for carrying.

When activated, the orange styrofoam jack o' lantern in the center flashes with three alternating colors. Pumpkin Panache Don't let spooks sneak up on you - see them coming (hopefully!

) by carrying a cool lantern! Any ghoul you do meet will probably be so impressed with your style and preparedness that it will leave you alone in search of another soul to scare.

Set this decoration in a prominent place so that your visitors can enjoy its fun light-up effect.


PJ Masks Flashlight Projector

Well Equipped If your little one ready to venture out into the night to save the town from whatever mischief's afoot, you'll have to make sure they're fully prepared to take down some Nighttime Villains, and that all starts with the right gear. Once your kiddo throws on their Catboy Costume, they need tools, after all!

Your knee-high hero can use this sweet PJ Masks Projector Flashlight to help stop crimes from miles away! We know the PJ Masks crew uses amplified hearing and supreme acrobatic ability to take down baddies, but to keep everyone safe in this wild world, sometimes we have to dig deep into our tool belt.

What if, for instance, your little one is helping a cat out of a tree, but across the street they notice the malevolent glint in the eye of a bank robber! Just before they put on their ski mask, your little one can flash this light across the street to stop the robber in their tracks!

Product Details Our PJ Masks Projector Flashlight is a plastic flashlight that projects that iconic, unmissable image of a mask onto a surface! It does require three AAA batteries, but we're sure you can find a few of those in your tool belt somewhere anyway.

Best of all, it's officially licensed, so you can worry less about it turning on when it's supposed to and worry more about which adventure to take on first!

Silver Skull Lamp with 3 Color LED Lights Halloween Prop

Mood Lighting Forget your midcentury modern lampshades and your cottagecore style. That won't help you here on Halloween night!

You need something that looks like it might have been found hanging on a cobwebby hook in a dusty mausoleum - something you might see in the hand of a Reaper as it guides you down a dark stairway to a spirit-filled river crossing. Or lead you into a cool Halloween party.

Whatever floats your boat! Product Details Light the night with an exclusive Silver skull Lamp with 3 Color LED Light Up Eyes!

The plastic lamp is shaped like an old-fashioned lantern and is the color of tarnished silver. The center is shaped like a grinning skull.

Its inner cavity is fitted with LED lights that flash red, green, and blue. The Skull Leads the Way Come one, come all to the spooky celebration of the century!

When a gathering is lit with a lantern this epic, you know you're about to have a really good time. This prop is also a particularly good choice to carry while trick-or-treating in a scary outfit, or to help you to terrify an unwitting friend.


Trolls Projector Flashlight

Toolbelt Ready Which one of the five teenage trolls does your little one look up to most? Whichever member of the Best Friends for Life they choose, we have a tool to help them in their day-to-day and while they're battling magical creatures or on grand adventures with no trouble at all.

Your little adventurer can use this sweet Trolls Projector Flashlight to get a glimpse of Poppy's head and hair anywhere they go! We know the Best Friends for Life find themselves in some magical muck sometimes, so it's good to have a tool-packed bag of tools for the ride.

And sometimes, it's good to have the comfort of the Best Friends ready at the flick of a flashlight's switch. Product Details That's why we have this Trolls Projector Flashlight!

It is a plastic flashlight that projects that beautiful outline of Poppy onto a surface! It does require three AAA batteries, but we're sure you can find a few of those in your bag full of adventure goodies anyway.

Best of all, it's officially licensed, so you can worry less about it shining bright when you need it to and worry more about which adventure to take on first!