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Gold Liquid Lipstick Makeup

Make a Statement Having a statement lip color is so much fun, but the most talked-about shade is always deep, crimson red. Red is awesome, but what about thinking even bolder and more dramatic: Something that shines as brightly as you do?

That sounds like a necessity! Product Details This Liquid Gold Lipstick deserves a shiny medal for packing such a visual punch!

Pucker up for this gorgeous lipstick that comes in a tube with an easy-to-use wand. When applied, the non-toxic lipstick coats your lips in a shimmery layer of bright gold.

Remove it using your preferred brand of makeup remover. Show Off If you're looking fabulous in your costume or party outfit, commit to the glamour with a shade of lipstick that looks like liquid gold!

King Midas would be so jealous, especially since your makeup can be easily removed when you're done looking like a golden goddess.


Liquid Silver Lipstick

What's Hot in the Galaxy Of course Martians follow different fashion trends than Earthlings. They pull their inspiration from their shiny space suits and silvery ships when they get dressed up to go invade neighborhing planets.

They only want to invade in order to crash the best parties, so nobody panic. Product Details When you want to look as though your kisser is covered in chrome, look no further than this Liquid Silver Lipstick!

The easy-to-use, non-toxic lipstick is long-lasting and comes in a clear .04 ounce tube with a wand applicator.

To remove, use your preferred brand of makeup remover (although it looks so awesome that we bet it will be a while before you're ready to wipe it off). Shining Star Draw attention to one of your best features with a gorgeous, unique lip color!

It will complement alien, robot, and witch costumes beautifully, but it's also a great way to jazz up a party outfit.