Little Bo Peep Costumes

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Little Bo Peep Costume for Girls

No More Lost Sheep The current Little Bo Peep is not cutting it. Youve heard the nursery rhyme about her, havent you?

She doesnt exactly have a great track record when it comes to being a shepherd. Shes always losing her sheep.

Instead of looking for them, like she should, she decides to take a nap. Once she finally decides to go searching for them, she finds them hanging on a tree to dry.

Cmon Little Bo Peep! You need to take it a little more seriously!

Well, we think that your little girl might just be a better shepherd than the girl in the storybook rhyme. If your little girl loves animals and wants to make sure that not a single sheep gets lost from her flock, then she may just want to try taking on the role of Little Bo Peep.

Design& Details This girls Bo Peep costume turns your child into a real-life storybook character. The costume comes with a pink dress that has white and pink polka dot skirt.

It has a light blue sheer overlay. The front of the dress also has light blue ribbon bows in the front for colorful pop!

The costume also comes with a colorful bonnet that ties around your childs head with a ribbon. The bonnet is bright pink with a light blue lining.

Make Your Own Story! Now, when your little girl is in charge of the sheep, she can make that none of them go missing!

Of course, if you want to give your child the full storybook experience, you might want to consider adding our Little Bo Peep staff. If you want to make sure that your Little Bo Peep always has sheep to look after, you can always dress up in one of our many sheep costumes for adults!