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Jumpin Jenny Kangaroo Mascot Costume

Well good day, mate! It's a beautiful morning in the outback of Australia!

I'm just hopping around today running some errands, taking my little joey with me wherever I go because I am a protective momma. I'll pounce on anything and everything.

I'll pounce on a dandelion just mindin' its own business; I'll pounce on a small child just mindin' its own business. I'll pounce on a car just idling in some parkin' lot, if it seems right good and springy!

I'll pounce on other 'roos if they look at me or joey wrong. I'll pounce on people and cars, I'll bounce for the moon and the stars, and I'll pounce on a bull if it decides to charge!

That's just that, mate. It's just how it's gonna be.

Sorry, sometimes we lose ourselves in the moment when we don these over-head mascot costumes. They just get us jacked up, like we could stop the world with the force of our thighs, and we can't stop.

Call that weird or whatever you want, but it could be a positive infectious trait. Specifically, you could pounce on the competition when you wear this cool Jumpin Jenny Kangaroo Mascot Costume!

When the team sees you bouncing into the air off the opposing mascot's shoulder blades, they'll likely be either concerned or amped up to do the same to their opponents. Let's hope for the latter.

Metaphorically, of course.

Leprechaun Mascot Costume

How Lucky! Are you feeling low on luck lately?

Well, that's terrible..

. but also great, and here's why.

We just happen to have the perfect costume for you to turn that streak of bad luck around. Whether it's Halloween, St.

Paddy's Day, a random sporting event, or if you're not feeling very magically delicious one day, this Leprechaun Mascot Costume will be the perfect fix. It's like the fountain of youth when it comes to luck, one touch of this enchanting costume and you'll feel the good luck spewing out of your ears!

Product Details Once you slip into this velour jumpsuit and pop on the stuffed headpiece you'll be ready to party. Everyone will want to hang out with you, in hopes that even just a bit of that Irish luck rubs off onto them.

They also may start to follow you around when you head home. Although there is no reason to be alarmed, we're almost positive they would just be looking to see if you lead them to a pot of gold.

Now if they happen to have a burlap sack with them, you may want to run. Leprechauns aren't only known for having hidden pots of gold at the ends of rainbows.

There is also the myths that if captured they must grant their captors three wishes in exchange for their freedom. However, with all that new found luck of yours, we're sure you will have no problem outrunning any greedy humans!

If you're ready to turn that luck around then grab this Leprechaun Mascot Costume. You'll be the biggest good luck charm walking around town!


Mascot Puppy Dog Costume

Friendship, according to a very special and trustworthy source, is magic. Its ultimately something that were all aiming to achieve, even if we hide the fact behind our work-based aspirations or, perhaps especially, if we are of the significantly introverted personality type.

Since it is one of the main ambitions we chase after, there is fair reason to be a bit jealous of the delightful creature that is most known for being the best friend of mankind. Who can compete with a best friend?

Especially the best friend of the entire human race!?

Fortunately, after several years of our tutoring, the good old dogs are willing to teach us a few tricks. They of course have a number of their favorites.

Fetching, naturally, will be among the first things that were going to have to learn. At first glance, it doesnt seem to be anything that would really help to foster a lasting friendship, until you think of how much people love it when you bring them things.

Suddenly, the truths are beginning to click together! There is yet another way that you can achieve the undying friendship, however, and that is by directly emulating the dogs glorious stature.

We can help you do so with this Mascot Puppy Dog costume. The fuzzy brown jumpsuit zips up in the back and has elastic at the neck and angles for a keen fit.

(Dont worryit isnt quite collar tight!) Hook and Loop fastener on the dog mitts allow you to fold them back for human hands in case you have need of them and the plush dog head has mesh-covered eyes so you can still see.

Bark your way to great friendshipsand, hey, if youre really shy, youve even got a total identity protector!

Wildcat Mascot Costume

If your team is not already called the Wildcats, then it definitely should be! Ohwhat is your teams name?

The Sloths! TRULY?

Who do we need to talk about to get a team name change in motion? Think about it--pumas, lions, tigers, bobcats, cougars, ocelots--wild cats are the fiercest, fastest, and most fan-worthy animals in the kingdom!

We will be the first to cheer you on your new team representative, but we are guessing you wont be far behind the trend. So when you want to root for your new wild team in style (or even if you just want a totally and fur-ociously cute Halloween costume) then this Wildcat Mascot Costume is made for you, friend!

A sloth costume would also be cute, but not nearly as intimidating to opponents. And speaking of your opponents, they will be running for cover and cowering in the shadows when they see you--after all, isnt that what you would do if you saw a huge jungle cat prowling its way toward you?

And thats just what you look like in this ensemble..

.a big scary cat!

But here is the best part: its as cozy as it is cautionary. Youll be warm in the furry tan jumpsuit, but youll instill fear and fury with the oversized wildcat mascot head!

So go ahead and become your team's ultimate super-fan when you wear this to the field, stadium, or even to a Halloween bash!