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Disney Moana Classic Costume for Girls

Well, it seems to be your lucky day! The strangest thing happened at the office today.

Tamatoa (yes, that crab) came crawling in (totally unexpected) to check on an order. Of course, he was sporting his shiny golden shell and looked very smug and pompous.

He's very proud of his wealth and loves flaunting it as much as possible, you know, since he's not a "drab little crab anymore." Anyway, he came in requesting to pick up his package early and he managed to find an opportunity to break out in song (surprise, surprise).

Before Tamatao tiptoed out with his package fixed neatly on top of his shiny shell, he dropped one of his treasures: this Disney Moana classic girls costume. We thought about looking up the coconut crab's contact information and sending the costume back to him, but then we thought your daughter would get more use out of it.

If your little girl has been asking for the perfect Moana costume, then it's your lucky day because now you can give her this one! This officially licensed Disney costume is a dress modeled after Moana's attire, featuring clear elastic shoulder straps, a tribal print orange bodice and a long skirt.

This may look like two different garments but it's really one piece! Give it to your child because we know that she'll love wearing it around the house while singing, "How Far I'll Go" and if Tamatao comes back in looking for it, don't worry.

We'll just tell him that we accidentally gave it to the Kakamora!

Disney Moana Costume for Women

Riding the Waves While Moana tried her hardest to obey the rules, some people just can't be held back! There was no way she could escape the call of the ocean.

The call to save her family. And once she was on the open ocean, she rode the waves like an expert.

Well, sure, she had a few hiccups. She learned she had to stay alert by the end of the first night!

But after that, she learned her lesson and not only stayed on top of the waves, she rode them! Did you feel tugged to set sail when watching Moana?

Did you wonder how far you could go if you unfurled your sails? We all have that horizonto aim for, after all.

Want to tap into that inspiration this character woke in you? Become the quick-witted, brave Moana at your next costumed event!

Product Details You'll feel ocean ready when you put on this dress. No need to worry about it slipping down as you pretend to paddle through your obstacles, it's fitted with clear straps.

The top is lush with Polynesian prints and knots on the side for an asymmetricallook. The skirt has two layers and is around knee-length, letting you move with ease.

To top it off a necklace bearing the heart of TeFiti is included. Costume With Heart So, if you're ready to see what's out there from a new perspective, this costume will give you a sense of adventure.

Want a complete look? Make sure you top off your look with a long, curly hairdo.

With a look like this, you're sure to go far!
$59.99 $89.99

Disney Moana Costume Necklace

When your daughter watched Moana for the first time was she taken by Moana's bravery and spirit? Did you like the movie so much that you didn't mind when she wanted to watch it again and again?

Maybe you are both drawn to the movie because you both see a little Moana in your girl. Like Moana's grandmother you trust that your daughter can achieve amazing things and go as far as she can imagine.

Moana's necklace is the last thing her grandmother gives her before she slips away on her journey to save the people of her island. The blue stone is the color of the ocean and capped with gold that is detailed with symbolic navigation imagery.

Sturdy plastic molded to look like hemp cording is dotted with the oceanic faux pearls. When your daughter is dressing up as this brave island princess she'll need the necklace to remind her how far she'll go.


Disney Moana Deluxe Child Wig

Moana has been called to explore the ocean since she was just toddling. While she was playing in the waves she finds the heart of Te Fiti, a call for her to explore the forbidden area beyond the reef.

When she grows into a young woman she becomes a strong leader, ready to do whatever needs to be done. With her pet rooster and the demigod, Maui, she sets off to save the people of her island.

The strong young character's look matches her personality. She's got colorful clothing, strong posture, and wild, curly hair.

When your daughter dresses up as Moana there's no need for her to learn how to man a starlight canoe but the details will ignite her imagination. She'll feel brave and strong like Moana when she's wearing this long, curly wig.

You'll be glad you bought the right locks as you watch her pretending to paddle the wild ocean in search of Te Fiti. Sure, we think Moana is great but you have our permission to cut off her Moana obsession when she begs you for a pet rooster.


Disney Moana Flower Costume Headband Accessory

There You Are! Do you like to dance with the water, the undertow, and the wave?

The island might give you what you need, but there is a whole ocean out there and you are ready to explore. Who knows what mysterious wonders you will behold?

The water is mischievous, and you are ready to play! If you are into the island life as much as we are, youre gonna want to get the officially licensed Moana Flower Headband.

It will help you past the reef to explore the sea. Product Details We think that this Moana Flower Headband will make the perfect final touches for your Moana costume!

This cheerful headband features a bright colored crown that has fabric leaves and bright beautiful blossoms. No island queen would be caught without one!

How Far Will You Go? So, youve help restore Te Fitis Heart, calmed the seas, and finally got Maui to stop singing after he found his magic, nice work!

Its time to take your place on the throne. Every queen needs her crown, and for you thats the Moana Flower Headband!

This officially licensed crown will give your Moana costume the authenticity it needs. Everyone at the party will recognize the chosen one when you arrive with your Moana Flower Headband.


Disney Moana Hei Hei Adult Costume

The Silliest Sidekick So, your kiddo decided to be Disneys Moana for Halloween this year. They really wanted you to wear a companion costume, and your options are limited.

You're not quite comfortable showing as much skin as Maui does, and the DIY fishhook tutorial you found looked very complicated. Also, you couldn't quite find a way to make your Te Ka costume look realistic without making some questionable choices involving fire.

We think you should embrace some silliness and try to get a little clucky! Hei Hei might not be the most intelligent character, but he does end up helping Moana on her adventure, and he sure makes us laugh!

Design & Details Let out your goofy side with this Adult Disney Hei Hei Costume from Disneys Moana! Designed and Made By Us, this ensemble will make you feel like you stepped (or strutted) right out of the ocean adventure.

The bodysuit is made of soft blue fabric that matches Hei Hei's feathers, with overlays that will turn your arms into wings. (Please note: this costume will not enable you to fly.

) The yellow leggings and shoe covers will give you chicken legs and feet. Last but not least, the hood features Hei Hei's goofy eyes, beak, and comb for a finishing touch.

You'll have a great time as this funny character, but beware of those who think you're meant to become dinner!