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47 Mummy Crashing the Window Halloween Printed Curtain Prop

Scare Warning Traditionally the haunting part of a haunted house stays inside the house. That's what makes it haunted.

But you don't want Halloween visitors to wait for the scares. You want to cause grey hairs on passersby and make trick-or-treaters contemplate whether the candy is worth getting closer.

You want costume party guests to know what type of eerie vibes they're walking into so they can prepare. And we can help with this startling, printed curtain!

Design & Details Ensure your Halloween dcor is a scream when you add our exclusive Mummy Crashing the Window Decoration to your display! The 47-inch printed graphic depicts a realistically detailed mummy reaching out of a rustic window frame.

Exposed nails, full spider webs, and a haunted-looking forest background add to the spooky image. Hung facing out of a front window or displayed indoors for your household only, this Made By Us decoration is a must-have for creating classic Halloween frights!


Adult Universal Studios Imhotep Mask

The Curse is Real (Powerful) They always say that you should be careful what you wish for. And when you're talking about playing around with the powerful Scroll of Thoth to bring about immortality and resurrection, you better bereally careful what you ask for!

The original Imhotep may have had his heart in the right place (and we mean that it wasn't even removed during his mummification), but that doesn't mean that asking for your queen to stand by you forever (whether she wants it or not) is a great idea. If you're not careful, you might find that you're going to walk the Earth for all eternity with a serious dry skin condition!

That being said, it might be fun to try out those magical mummy powers for a night or two..

. Product Details If you'd like to experiment with immortality without that huge a cursed commitment, try your hands at ultimate power with this officially licensed Universal Studios Imhotep Mask.

This latex max fits over your whole head to give you a complete transformation. A back slit ensures it is easy to put on and remove while eye openings fit over your own eyes for limited visibility.

Combine this with a spooky outfit and you'll be bringing one of the classic monsters from memory to life!


Animated Life-Size Mummy Groundbreaker Decoration

Mum's The Word Halloween is known to cause a whole host of new fears. Suddenly things you used to think were cute like black cats take on an ominous tone, and the world becomes an unknown house of horrors around every turn.

Take the ground, for instance. How often do you really think about what's under your feet while you walk across your lawn or through your neighborhood?

But then you see this Life-Size Animated Groundbreaker Mummy coming out of your yard and suddenly, your sense of safety needs to be rethought. What else is hiding just below the surface of your garden?

What else is coming out at night to haunt your house and scare your Halloween guests? Well, that's the fun of Halloween!

You just never know. Your partygoers will be pleased with just how creepy a scene you've set with this dreadful decoration.

What's the secret to its scare tactics? That's for you to know.

Shhhh. Design & Details Made by Us in our exclusive studio, this animated decoration will scare the living daylights out of everyone it encounters.


even you! It appears as the top half of a decrepit mummy, emerging from beneath the soil, but still chained down (thank goodness!


.for the time being.

Once activated, it creates a horrifying show of lights and sound that will spook trick-or-treaters as they approach the house.

Animated Mummy

Never Trust an Embalmer Ok, don't panic. It looks like those cut-rate embalmers you hired to mummify you for your Egyptian funeral were, well, cut-rate.

Instead of giving your a stylish wrap job, they cocooned you. That would have been fine, but it also appears that the archaeologists who dug you up thought that you would make a dandy addition to their home.

You've got to set this right. Here come some strange little creatures carrying buckets and shouting about candy.

One is clearly dressed as a tiny mummy! Quick!

Wiggle around and groan to get their attention! Well.


you got their attention but they're just screaming and giggling and saying what a cool decoration you are. Plan B?

Product Details This exclusive Animated Mummy Halloween Decoration is sure to be a hit with trick-or-treaters! The mummy-gauze-wrapped body and the shrouded skeletal head look chillingly real.

Hang him from a sturdy support and watch him startle the daylights out of visitors with his unexpected movements and sound effects.


Child Scary Mummy Mask

Dont look now, but this mummy seems to have found his way out of his pyramid. Encased for more than 3,000 years, he might be looking for a party.

After all, it gets boring lying in a chamber for that long! Were not entirely sure, but the mummification process might not have worked since hes obviously up and walking around.

He might be sore and achyand he might be looking for a big breakfast buffetif he can find his stomach in one of the canopic jars. Of course were just kidding.


but were wagering that your son is looking to unleash some old school Egyptian terror at a Halloween party. Thats right, its time to leave the old tomb and shake a legbut not too hard that it falls off!

This Child Scary Mummy Mask will keep the experience real. It comes partially wrapped with mummy-inspired fabric.

You can add strips of fabric or toilet paper, to a tattered outfit, and he'll be ready to masquerade as one of Egypts oldest residentsuntil its time to return to the underworld where he belongs.
$29.99 $24.99

Cozy Child Mummy Costume

More Comfortable than T.P.

Remember the good ol' days? You know, when you really wanted to dress up like a mummy for Halloween?

Well, we remember it pretty vividly. Your parents would get all excited and pick up a few extra packs of toilet paper from the store.

Then, they'd wrap you up tight in layer after layer of toilet paper until you looked like a mummy. Of course, if it rained while you were out trick-or-treating in that.


you'd come home a soggy mess. Yeah, they good ol' days may not have been quite that awesome, because now we have this Cozy Mummy Costume for kids!

It helps transform any child into a classic movie monster without any extra T.P.

In fact, the Made by Us costume is comfortable enough that your child might even want to wear these while they take a quick cat nap before trick-or-treat time! Design & Details This exclusive costume for kids is a simple outfit that offers your child a cozy costume for Halloween this year!

The onesie-style jumpsuit is made out of a soft material that has a bandage print on the exterior to recreate the look of a classic Egyptian mummy. The jumpsuit fits with a zipper in front, so your little one can wriggle into this costume in just a few seconds.

The jumpsuit has a hood attached to the top, so your little one can flip it up to keep warm, or just to complete their classic costume. You can pair it up with a makeup kit (sold separately) to really craft a scary mummy look!

Skip the T.P.

If you want to skip the toilet paper costume and go for an upgrade that's both affordable and comfortable, then this mummy onesie costume is going to be the perfect fit!