Mummy Costumes

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Egyptian Mummy Girl's Costume

You will not believe the shipment that we just got into the office. It started out like every common day a bunch of crates filled with all sorts of intriguing things from all over the world, even a handful that crossed dimensions in order to arrive.

(Remind us to tell you about the cosmic goo that makes anything glow purple for eternity. Totally non-radioactive, too.

We have no idea how it works yet!) Anyway, the shipment.

. We re received a sarcophagus!

At first, we thought it was a prank because we could swear we heard something moving inside, knocking on the interior! Naturally, we assumed cursed and haunted and were ready to put it back into the Dangerous Objects room for later investigation.

Until A few seconds later, we heard the gentle voice of someone hunting around for tricks and treats and we realized that this potentially dangerous little beastie was, in fact, your little tyke come back from the Egyptian Tombs now that all the candy resources had run dry back in the pyramids. Well, we can hardly blame that sort of ingenuity!

Unfortunately, our own candy reserves are a little depleted. How else are we supposed to identify all these ancient relics without consuming twice our weight in daily sugar!

? Anyway, your kiddo is ready for the hunt for sweets in this Mummy costume.

With this muslin wrapped shirt and a combination muslin and tulle skirt, you'll have no problem mummifying your little one. With leg warmers and extra accent strips, you'll be able to finish this ensemble with just the right touch.

Join in with a mummified look of your own in order to have the whole family head out for a creepy night jaunt around the pyramid together. Just be sure that you get enough candy to ease your tykes afterlife needs.

You do not want to get cursed!

Full Length Mummy Women's Costume

Wow, you look great for being dead since 1300 B.C.

! You've busted out of the sarcophagus and now you're ready to see what life is like in the twenty-first century?

We get it, you're curious about what the world is like now, so we're going to give you a full update before you experience it for yourself. First of all, hieroglyphics are no more, so it looks like you're going to have to learn the alphabet (or just emojis, whatever you prefer).

Also, pyramids are a structure of the past (unless you're in Las Vegas); people now live inside of apartment buildings or these things called condos, and they work in these things called offices. It looks like you have a lot of catching up to do, but one thing you won't need a refresher on is fashion.

Girl, you're dress is right on point with the current avant-garde styles that women wear today. So, give yourself a pat on the back because you're one fashionable mummy!

Yep, you'll be up to date on the latest look while wearing this full length mummy costume made of tattered materials. Lucky for you, the distressed look is very trendy.

The off-the-shoulder look is also very current and you'll see that ladies from all over, not just Egypt, are wearing this stylish look. The high leg slit at the bottom of the floor-length gown will get you noticed no matter where you're off to.

Your leg wraps serve as the perfect accessory to complement your dress and they add a fun touch to your whole ensemble. Plus, lucky for you, the messy hair look is in!

Now get out there and start living your life in the 21st century like the (now) modern woman that you are!

Mysterious Mummy Costume for Teens

A mummy can be both mysterious and terrifying at the same time thats part of their appeal. Of all the mystical creatures we hear myths about, mummies are one of the only ones that have real-life examples.

Even if you have to go to a museum to see them, mummies arent just a thing of the imagination, they are all too real, which is what makes them the perfect choice for Halloween! Congratulations, you've busted out of your sarcophagus!

Now it's time for some Egyptian-style shenanigans and we know just the place to get the party started. Head to the Great Pyramid of Giza with all your girls so you can throw an epic party even King Tut would be jealous of.

Dress in this Mysterious Mummy Costume for teens if you want to be the mummified girl that everyone wants to dance with. We have a feeling that even the Queen of the Nile will want to boogie with you!

A mummy costume is just what your teen needs to rule the school this Halloween. Thankfully, this costume comes with everything she needs to dress the part.

With a top and pants that are covered in fabric strips to look like mummy wraps, the costume is also full-coverage, which is perfect for this age group. The pants have an elastic waist for a comfortable fit.

For added detail, the mummy costume for girls comes with glovelettes that are different lengths and a choker that secures with Hook and Loop fastener. The head wrap ties in place and is the perfect final touch for this costume.